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Game development and design in Vienna

We have already had the pleasure to develop some games for Android and IOS. So, if you would like to receive references about our work, we would be happy to send you our completed projects at any time. The design and development of video games is a complex task that requires a lot of skill and experience. Game development combines several areas of the IT industry. In order to achieve a coherent overall concept, programming, design, graphics etc. must be coordinated and function harmoniously.

To achieve this, extensive planning and a detailed concept is a must. When you present us a game idea, some key aspects have to be clarified, before we can start with the actual game development. In an initial meeting we ask you to describe your idea and the content of the game as detailed as possible. Afterwards, decisions regarding the overall format have to be made. What should the structure look like? What style and type of design are you striving for? Another very important factor is the choice between computer game and mobile game. This way our team can get a clear picture of our customers’ requirements. Which is crucial for planning further necessary steps and being able to advise you on the technical aspects of game development.

Development, implementation and marketing

During the consultation, it is essential to clarify technical questions in addition to design and graphics. Should the game be developed in 3D, or is 2D more appropriate? Which is the right programming language out of the many available? Wat target group is the game aimed to and how can it be marketed most effectively? Benefit from our experience in this area. We bring your game idea to life. It is time for the actual game development. Our team of experts gets to work to create a demo version as quickly as possible.

You can take your time and try it out. Should there be any change requests, these will of course be taken into consideration. Once our customers are satisfied with the finished product, it is our task to bring it to the market. Together with you, we will create a marketing concept to successfully market the game and continuously increase the number of players.  No matter if in the form of an app, online or as a PC version, your idea is now implemented and can be purchased everywhere!

You have an idea for a game and would like to cooperate with us in terms of production and marketing? Contact us at any time and let our team of experts advise you!

Do you have a game idea and would you like to cooperate with us in production and marketing? Then contact us now!

Werbeagentur Wien