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What does SEO cost? Learn all about our SEO prices and SEO packages (OnPage SEO & OffPage SEO) here. With us you can improve your online presence and all this at an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

Pricing plans

Ultimate Website Booster SEO

3 important SEO measures in one click monthly. available

This booster contains 3 important basics of Seo: technical SEO, OnPage SEO and OffPage SEO. With the extensive and professional SEO support (search engine optimization support) from webhead, you can have the search engine optimization SEO of your website professionally from SEO experts monthly refresh and improve your ranking professionally. With professional SEO support, you can make sure that your website’s SEO is perfectly optimized and works great and increase website traffic.

You are one click away from monthly SEO support.

From here webhead takes over for you/we take over!

* All prices exclude 20% VAT. Support for homepages not created by us according to effort. For plugin installations and setups the effort depends on the respective plugin, if the effort does not exceed two hours.

Detailed price plans



Technical SEO

Technical SEO duration




Control and verification of the number of pages on the website




Monthly server monitoring

Analysis of the URLs

code optimization

Checking redirects (redirect check)

Installation and configure SEO plugins

Create sitemap

Creating and configuring Robot.txt files

Checking website errors in the Google console

Review of the indexability on the part of the website

Verification of the SSL certificate / SSL server of the website

Checking the server response time

Checking the loading speed (PageSpeed) of the website

Fix Googlebot crawl errors and crawl issues

Checking broken links

Checking broken internal and external links

Test for optimization for mobile devices: Checking the mobile friendliness of the website

Check and fix 404 error pages

“Zombie Pages”: Removal and cleanup of zombie pages on the website

Checking the responsiveness of the site structure

Combining CSS files

Increase in website speed (PageSpeed) and improvement of GTmetrix

Combining and compressing JavaScript files

Website encoding compression

Image optimization (optimize file size and file formats of the images)

Page Size Check

Improving the number of navigational requests/website visits

Find and check Href lang errors

Verification of W3C standard

Breadcrumb review: breadcrumb navigation or breadcrumb navigation

Verification on different devices


Duration of OnPage SEO optimization

at least 6

at least 6

at least 6

Control and verification of the number of pages on the website




Control and verification of the keywords

keyword research




Content Creation (Pages/Blogs)

2 pages / 1000 words

3 pages / 1500 words

4 pages / 2000 words

Activation of Google Console

Registering the sitemap in Google Search Console

SEO analysis of the test coverage (coverage)

Activation of Google Analytics

Activation of Google Tag Manager

Review and careful selection of the right and appropriate keywords

Check keyword difficulty (keyword competition).

Keyword Wettbewerbsanalyse (Wettbewerbsniveau des Keywords überprüfen)

Keyword competition analysis (review of competitor keywords)

Keyword Mapping: Creating a keyword map

Duplicate content check (duplicate content)

Check for duplicate IP addresses on the network

Duplicate Titles Check

Rewrite old content/text

Checking “Duplicate Meta-Description” (duplicate meta descriptions)

Check that H1 tags (H1 headings) are not twice available

Place schema codes correctly on pages

Meta title optimization

Meta Description Optimization

Page content (website content) optimization

Page images optimization (image optimization)

Alt function of images: check alternative texts for images

Internal linking

Checking invalid links (invalid links)

Report changes in website ranking

SEO reporting: report on SEO activities carried out

Off Page SEO

Duration of backlinking

at least 6

at least 6

at least 6

Effektiver und natürlicher Linkaufbau




keyword research

Social SEO: Aufbau von sozialen Netzwerken

Competitive Analysis: Researching competitor keywords

Internal linking

SEO Competitor Analysis: Review of Competitor Sites

Report on changes in website ranking

SEO reporting: report on SEO activities carried out

SEO Prices

You can order your website online or contact us directly. First class web design and state of the art SEO Vienna and SEM you will find with us! Our focus is our customer satisfaction. Use also our free and non-binding consultation!

SEO OnPage packages


You can get the SEO Basic Package in addition to a new website order for free!



All functions of SEO ESSENTIONALS ON Package included!


/Per Page


All functions of SEO BOOSTER ON Package included!

* All prices excl. 20% statutory value added tax.

Detailed SEO OnPage price plans



SEO Basic Consultation

SEO Analysis

Setting up Google Search Console

Setting up Google Analytics

Duplicate content examination

Internal Links

Technical optimization (Basic)

A Ranking report after 3 months

SEO friendly texts

Optional setup of a blog function, so that you can upload blogs periodically with assistance for the SEO-Rules in the texts

Competitor Analysis

Setting up Google My Business +optimization

Making adjustments to the SEO regulations

Page speed optimization

  • Optimization of the speed of the website with the help of plugins, (e.g WP ROCKET)
  • Analysis of the speed of the website with GT meter or Google PageSpeed insights.
  • Optimization of the pictures on the website using tinypng plugin
  • All code, pictures and scripts that are not really used will either run in background, or will be us disabled or turned off


Title tag optimization

We Reduce “unnecessary” requests to the Server to improve the performance of the website

CSS and JS optimization and minimization – Optimizing CSS files and JS file

Purchasing the Yoast plugin, installing and setting it up for every single page

Keywords are defined with you and are put on the website built to increase visibility

SEO OffPage packages

Not only the number, but also the quality of the links are of great importance. In OffPage optimization we use high quality as well as topic relevant backlinks and modern programs and tools.
What is the difference between SEO OffPage optimization and SEO OnPage optimization? With SEO
OffPage optimization, the main focus is on backlinks, link building and link building.










* All prices excl. 20% statutory value added tax.

Detailed OffPage Price Plans




Monthly support especially for OffPage support

Link building

Link profile analysis

SEO consultation Offpage

SEO analysis OffPage

A following report

Online marketing especially for OffPage

Analysis of link profile for web presence

Analysis of the quality the backlinks

Domain Authority Check

Page Authority Check

Keyword Relevance Check

Broken link Building

Resources Page Building

Brank Authorities Check

Performance Check

Domain Rating

Analyzing the backlinks of your competitors

Research of the backlinks of competitors

Putting Links

Controlling link builder

Broken link Building

Content Marketing especially for OffPage

Your advantages at a glance

SEO packages from webhead - What's in it?

We are an SEO agency from Vienna and offer professional SEO packages for companies of all sizes that want to improve their online presence. These packages are important, affordable and top-notch and offer a variety of services that will help improve the visibility of your website in search engine results. We have the necessary knowledge and skills to help you achieve your goals. With our SEO packages and top-notch SEO consulting, you will receive professional assistance in optimizing your website, including keyword research, on-page optimization and ranking monitoring.

Why SEO optimization?

SEO optimization is an important process for any business that wants to improve its online presence and generate more traffic to its website. It is used to improve the visibility of your website in search engine results and help you reach potential customers.
When you optimize your website for search engines, you will rank higher in major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. This can help your website be found by more people searching for products or services you offer. Another benefit of SEO optimization is that it is a long-running investment. Once optimized, most of the time your website will stay ranked higher in search engine results even if you do no further advertising or marketing. SEO optimization is a valuable tool for leveraging your company’s online potential and reaching your target audience. If you want to generate more traffic to your website, make your brand known and increase your sales, SEO optimization is an important process that you should not ignore.

SEO Costs - What does SEO optimization cost?

Our SEO packages can be divided into two categories, the OnPage packages and the OffPage packages. OnPage concerns all measures taken for search engine optimization on the website, while OffPage describes all measures taken outside of the website. We offer three different SEO packages for each of the two categories, tailored to the needs of your company. Our SEO OnPage packages are as follows:

This package is ideal for companies that want to take their first steps in the world of SEO. It includes the basics of OnPage optimization and is included in the website package.

This package, on the other hand, already offers more content, such as SEO text optimization and a ranking report. The package costs 150 euros per page.

This package offers a more comprehensive SEO strategy and includes all services of the SEO BOOSTER ON package, as well as additional optimizations such as title tag analysis and competitor analysis. Feel free to ask us to determine a specific price for your company.

The SEO OffPage packages start at 150 Euro monthly for five backlinks. Further packages are available for 250 Euro monthly for 10 backlinks and 325 Euro for 15 backlinks. You can find a detailed overview of all included services of the packages under “Detailed price plans”.

SEO Support and SEO Consulting with Ultimate Website Booster SEO

The best website doesn’t serve its purpose if your potential customers can’t find you. Here the magic word is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). As part of our SEO service, our SEO consultants ensure that you are found in search engine queries – and not just on page twelve of the Google search.

SEO Prices

We offer our SEO support service as a monthly subscription, so our SEO consultants are always available to assist you. Our SEO prices: Smart SEO Support costs €99 per month, Professional SEO Support we offer for €349 per month and particularly ambitious website owners can request Ultimate SEO Support from us for €489 per month. You want to know which package is the right choice for you? Then contact our SEO consultants!

Why webhead?

webhead is an experienced SEO optimization service provider and an excellent choice for clients who want to improve their online presence and increase their visibility on the Internet. We had years of experience in SEO optimization, our staff is knowledgeable and has a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and challenges. We offer customized solutions based on the specific needs and goals of each client. In addition, we work in a transparent and traceable manner. Customers can ask questions at any time and have open communication with our web experts.

Let us advise you without obligation and free of charge!

Work with webhead and benefit from our comprehensive SEO solutions and experienced team. Contact us today to achieve your goals and improve your online presence. We will answer your questions in detail and are at your disposal.

Services of your SEO agency at a glance

We, as SEO Vienna and Webdesign Vienna agency, have put our focus on the most used measure. Search engine optimization conquers the hearts of a website in the digital space. Webhead would like to support you on this way. To our cooperation you will experience smooth transparency, communication at eye level and experienced professionalism. To this end, we offer, in addition to web design Vienna, not only a simple SEO measure, but several SEO services around SEO, to approach their website in terms of SEO from several angles. SEO OnPage and SEO OffPage for example are 2 different areas that are in constant interaction with each other and are essential for pure optimal filtering on the Google top ranking. We also want to support our customers in their future independence in the handling of their website and recommend the WordPress web design (open source content management system, CMS), with which you can design your website individually and flexibly at any time. In addition, can be many free WordPress plugin, which additionally supports their website. If you already have a website, and you are not sure why they still have not reached their goal, we help them with our analysis services also: websites and SEO analysis to get the ACTUAL state and competitor analysis to optimize goals.

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