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What is SEO?

Have you ever wondered why your website is not immediately found by search engines or why it is only displayed on the third or fourth page in the ranking? Yet other sites immediately appear as the first search option without being a paid ad? Then you should familiarize yourself with the term SEO – search engine optimization. The optimization of search engines is a relatively complex subject, which includes the analysis of data, keyword analysis and measures such as On – and Off-Page optimization. As time goes on, search engines are becoming more intelligent and their ability to deliver targeted search results is increasing.

Our goal is to adapt your content to the search intention of your target group, so that the traffic and visibility of your website is increased. In summary: bring the right target group with the right search intention to your website. More potential prospects = more sales. In this context, the search intention refers to the user’s desire to find information on certain keywords. You will notice that SEO is a marketing strategy that differs greatly from classical advertising. Instead of imposing information on customers, you simply let them find you! These organic search results cannot be bought. The placement and therefore the chance to be found by consumers depends on the quality and SEO-friendliness of the website.

Professional search optimization management

How can the Webhead team help you achieve a higher ranking? The most important part is to understand search engine optimization. We prefer to teach our clients in detail and provide them with effective knowledge. We analyze your data, search for the optimal keywords and together with you, develop an elaborate SEO strategy that will permanently expand your organic traffic. The strategy will then be used to optimize the content of your website. An important aspect for example is the texts of your website, which have to be modified.

Now it is possible to hire professional text writers, specialized in SEO-friendly texts. However, many customers decide to, with our support, take over the task themselves. There are guidelines that SEO-friendly texts have to fulfil, which you will be taught by our expert team. Over time you will secure a permanent top ranking. Every time an interested user searches for your keywords, he will come across your website. All that without any paid ads! Let us convince you and trust our experience in search engine optimization. You want to get your website analyzed? Use the free SEO-Checker from Webhead and have your SEO-Score calculated.

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