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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential part of search engine marketing. With the help of targeted SEO measures, you can significantly improve your Google ranking. Most Google users click on the first 5 organic search results.

The optimization of your website includes on and off-page measures, professional keyword research, and the creation of high-quality content. The speed of your website plays an equally important role, as a fast website makes for a great user experience. This, in turn, is a positive ranking signal for Google.

The number of hours required to optimize your website depends on how strong your competition’s online presence is. Google releases numerous new algorithm updates every year that improve search results. For the user, this is helpful. For you, this means that your website must always be up to date and relevant in terms of content.

Why is SEO important?

SEO is important for your website to be found on Google and other search engines. If the site is technically sound and contains relevant texts, it will have a great advantage for you in the long run. Your website visitors stay longer on your website. This in turn is interpreted by Google as a positive signal. Furthermore, there is a high probability that useful content will be linked to other websites. This gives you the opportunity to generate backlinks in a natural way. As you can see, a professionally created website with relevant content can lay the foundation for your long-term success in the digital age.

Why should you have your SEO page created by Webhead Digital Marketing Agency?

We at Webhead can help you improve your Google ranking significantly. In doing so, we rely on sound expertise and years of experience. We advise our customers in detail. We analyze your website down to the smallest detail. With the help of professional tools, we find the optimal keywords for you and develop together with you a careful SEO strategy for lasting success. Optimized content provides more organic traffic and attracts potential buyers to your website.

Webhead service to improve your website SEO.

Webhead’s optimization program will ensure that you permanently improve your Google ranking and stay one step ahead of the competition.

On-page SEO stands for the optimization of content and technology on your own website. This includes optimized headlines and keywords, meaningful content, and technical aspects such as compressed images and a fast loading time of the website itself. With the help of lazy loading, for example, content can be loaded only when the user actually needs it. The range of on-page SEO measures is large and offers a lot of potential for improving the website ranking.

Off-page SEO includes external measures that are useful for your website. These include, for example, natural link building and social signals. The creation of new website content and the optimization of existing content, which are on-page measures, cause other websites to link to your website all by themselves. And that’s just because you offer relevant content that is worth linking to. Social signals are mentions of your website or brand on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Actively managing your social media accounts with regular, new content shows Google that you care about interacting with your users on social networks, which of course is a positive ranking signal

Our goal is to increase your website traffic in a targeted manner. With an optimized keyword strategy and content-worthy texts, we attract potential customers to your site. First SEO measures unfold their full effect after about 4-8 months. If you want measurable results earlier, you can place search engine advertising before that. We are happy to support you in setting up and optimizing your Google Ads campaign.

Website texts are only effective in combination with professional keyword research. A text can sound excellent. But if the right keywords, which are actively searched for by users on Google, are missing, even the most impressive text is of little use. We make sure that this does not happen and that your text is enchanting and effective at the same time.

SEO Packages

We offer SEO packages for small, medium and large companies.

SEO OnPage packages

SEO Basic

The SEO Basic package is only available to free of charge for new website orders.



Report + SEO friendly text up to 10 content pages


SEO Premium

Price on request




* All prices excl. 20% statutory value added tax.

SEO OffPage packages

Package S

5x backlinks per month



Package M

10x backlinks per month



Package L

15x backlinks per month



* All prices excl. 20% statutory value added tax.

What our clients say

Robert D.

I would like to thank Webhead from the bottom of my heart for the excellent service. Starting with honest advice with transparent costs to long-term support with visible results.

Alfred T.

The Webhead team is unique. The creativity, professionalism, and quality of your work are rarely found in such perfection these days.

Johannes M.

My WordPress site was outdated and no longer fully functional. I couldn't create new content in the backend and edit virtually anything. Webhead created a new, fully functional site for me in no time, with a design that far surpassed that of the old site. Basic SEO errors were fixed and have improved my ranking in the long term. Thanks a lot!

Danika A.

I am super satisfied. Communication runs smoothly, my emails are processed quickly and questions/concerns are addressed competently. The cooperation is easy and efficient. They also give me a lot of knowledge which prepares me for my future career. I am very much looking forward to furthering cooperation. I feel very well taken care of with my project and am enthusiastic about further cooperation.

Thomas B.

I had my new app idea realized by webhead. I already knew the company, because I already commissioned a website there last year and was very satisfied then. Also this time all my wishes were not only fulfilled but exceeded! Not least because of the friendly and professional support I enjoyed the cooperation very much. I can only thank you very much. My next order is guaranteed! LG Thomas

Yawei X

My website went online today and I am more than satisfied! Have rarely felt so well advised and professionally cared for. Thank you very much!

Roland P.

The very best support for my project. Great creative team, feel very well taken care of.

H&S Flexxdach

The team did a great job! Very friendly, competent, and always responsive. All questions or obstacles were handled and solved. Am more than satisfied!


    If you decide to use us after the free consultation, we will make a detailed SEO check of your website for the first time. For this we use professional SEO tools. We perform on-page optimization (analysis of headings and source code structure, optimization of headings using H1, H2 and H3 tags, further troubleshooting and improvement of website condition using our detailed data analysis). Once we complete your project, you will receive a full report documenting what has been implemented.

    We usually use only White Hat SEO for search engine optimization. In very rare cases also Grey Hat SEO.

    If you are explicitly looking for Black Hat SEO measures, we can implement them for you, although we do not recommend them.

    No reputable SEO provider can promise you a specific ranking position on Google. To what extent SEO measures are necessary also depends on the competition. In highly competitive industries, countless hours of work and several years may be necessary to achieve top rankings. We implement all SEO measures according to the currently valid principles of search engine optimization. If the keyword you want to rank for is less contested, results are visible faster.

    Numerous factors are essential for a top ranking. Your hosting provider must be up to date with the latest technology. Also, a dedicated IP is absolutely necessary. Avoid sharing IP addresses with other website owners. Your site should definitely be loaded via an encrypted HTTPS security protocol. On the one hand, this protects you from hackers and on the other hand, it looks much more trustworthy to website visitors. Google only wants the best for its users – slow, outdated and insecure websites are not part of this.

    As mentioned above, the ranking of your website depends on numerous factors. If you want to rank for a keyword with little competition, it will be faster. To rank well for hotly contested keywords requires significantly more effort and also more patience. Factors such as the age of the domain, DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority), website speed, and on-page optimization are essential for Google ranking.

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