professional software design and development in Vienna!

Analysis, Design and Functions

We have already developed and designed larger systems and look forward to supporting you with your software. The first step to your software is the analysis of your wishes, goals and requirements. After you have given us these, we will advise you on the existing technologies and necessary measures for the development of successful software. Here we are already planning the implementation. Together with you, we will consider a sitemap for your software and deal with topics such as structure, functions and design. When all the points have been clarified and there are no more technical questions, we can start developing your software.

Development and completion

After the first developments are finished, the software is tested. If there are no bugs and problems, we can present you the first test version of your software. All discrepancies and requests for changes are now clarified and dealt with accordingly at the customer’s request. Now you can see a new version of your software again with all your wishes and requirements. If, like us, you feel the project is complete, we can start with the deployment. It’s done – your software can now be used.