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WordPress Efficient Package
One-time deposit 490,- € OR On 3 installments each 195,- € Perfect for small businesses Perfect for sole proprietorships Perfect for individuals Perfectly customizable for YOU Perfect online presence

We are webhead, a leading web design agency in Vienna and specialized in creating appealing and functional WordPress websites.

Quickly set up your website in 4 easy steps

Choose a template

There are various templates available and choose the one that comes closest to your imagination.


Make the booking

In the payment method, you will be provided with 2 options.


Fill out a form

With the help of a link you can enter your personal ideas about your website.


Your website is ready!

After a one-time change after the initial version, we will provide you with all the necessary information about your website.


What is WordPress Efficient?

Our WordPress Efficient package is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to have a responsive website created quickly and efficiently. With this package, you have access to a diverse selection of templates that you can personalize. Thus, you can design a modern, secure, and functional website that perfectly suits you and your brand. The best part? The entire process is straightforward, fast & efficient. Even more, you can choose between a one-time payment of 490,- Euro or a 3-month installment payment to make sure you can choose the payment method that suits you best. webhead as your web design and WordPress agency puts great value on quality and customer satisfaction. We work hard to ensure that every website we create meets our high standards and satisfies our client’s needs. So if you are looking for a reliable and professional web design agency to help you create a responsive website, webhead is the place to be.

WordPress Efficient - Templates

06+ modern, highly responsive, templates just
waiting for your personal touch.

House cleaning, apartment cleaning, cleaning company, industrial cleaning, office cleaning, maid solutions and other related businesses.
Websites for architectural architects, interior designers, landscape architects, real estate and furniture
Construction agency, construction service, architecture, industry, manufacturing, mechanics
modern life/business coaches and trainers, individual psychology therapists and consultants
Creative design, digital media solutions, SEO, social media management, online marketing, AdWords, etc.
Investment company, financial service provider, financial company, financial advisor, accountant, insurance, consulting or any other financial company.

The working process of the WordPress Efficient website

Get the WordPress Efficient Package now for only 490,- Euro!
With our efficient package, you can build your website quickly and efficiently. We offer you a wide range of pre-made templates that you can choose from to create a responsive website.

With our WordPress Efficient, you can design your website the way you want it. After booking a WordPress Efficient website, you will receive a booking confirmation from us, focusing on a customization form so that you can design your website to perfectly fit your business and brand.

In addition, our package includes a domain setup so you can test the website in advance. With the help of our Support Ticket System, you can easily send us your request to express wishes and more specific ideas. We will make your desired change once and our web design developers will edit the improvements and show the revised design to the client. And already your project is successfully completed! From now on you have your personal, modern, and secure online presence on the Net!

And the best part is that you can choose between a one-time payment of 490,- Euro or a 3-month installment to make sure you can choose the payment method that suits you best.

Don’t miss this opportunity to take your website to the next level. Get our WordPress Efficient package now and start your online adventure today!

Why should you choose the WordPress Efficient?

The offer of Webhead as a WordPress agency in Vienna allows start-up companies to create a website at a low cost. This is a real “Win-Win” for both sides. Because the webhead can offer its services and the start-up can be present online and address potential customers.

The offer is especially interesting for start-ups and people who are considering creating a website, but may not have the budget, and still want to have a secure and high-quality online presence on the Net. By using templates and filling out the form, customers can quickly and easily order a web design that meets their needs. With the help of the Customer Support Ticket, changes can be made to ensure that the web design is perfect.

If you too are considering creating a website but don’t have the budget to hire a professional web designer, then this offer is definitely worth a look.

Show your professionalism and
your values through your own custom website!

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WordPress Efficient at a glance

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WordPress Efficient Package

WordPress Efficient
  • Eine effiziente Webseite mit 4 Inhaltsseiten einem von Ihnen ausgewählten vorgefertigten Template.
  • Einmalige Anzahlung 490,- ODER
  • Auf 3 Ratenzahlung je 195,- *
  • Domain Einrichtung
  • 1x E-Mail-Erstellung
  • Stockfoto & Graphiken
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What our customers say


We are very aware of the financial situation and we still want to give young entrepreneurs the opportunity to strengthen their online presence through a simple web design despite the financial situation. For a simple, clear, and smooth process, we have made the process so efficient that our clients and we have so little extra effort with the help of pre-made templates.

Once we receive all the necessary information, the web design development can be completed within 7-10 business days.

With the help of our highly functional CRM system, your concerns are sent directly to our team as well as directly to our web design developers, which can be processed and answered immediately.
Support Ticket: support

Yes because of the CMS (open source content management) WordPress system a finished website is flawlessly accessible to the customer. Web design management is exceedingly user-friendly and customizable.

We also focus on efficiency and simplicity when it comes to technology: with the Elementor Kit and the WordPress CMS, we offer a user-friendly solution for your website.

If the customer does not pay the outstanding invoices despite three reminders, we reserve the right to block the web design and deny the customer access to it. If the payment has not been made by the last date, we regretfully see ourselves forced to take legal action without further notice.

In case of any ambiguity, please refer to our AGB.

After the web design is completed, you will receive documentation that will help you use the template and your website.

We will charge them for other services according to the hourly rate for IT support services.

IT support can be booked with us at any time and is charged at an hourly rate. We are also happy to offer you other services in the area of IT support.

In the following link, you will find information about our maintenance and IT support services: Support Price.

Our web design maintenance can be booked at any time and is charged by the hour. We are also happy to offer you other services in the area of web design maintenance.

In the following link, you will find information about our maintenance and IT support services: Support Price.

Other extraordinary services are also available upon request. The price is also provided on request. Please let us know what kind of service you need and we will make you an offer.

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