Freebies from webhead - free & non-binding checklists, analyses & services!

Providing free and non-binding checklists, analyses, and services on a website offers numerous advantages, which we would like to offer you.

Risk-free valuation

You can explore offers without financial risk or obligation.

Informed decisions

Identify your website's strengths and weaknesses. Detailed analyses and checklists provide you with valuable information to help you make informed decisions.

Building trust

Gained knowledge, skills, and experience create trust in your brand by demonstrating your "learnings" and new expertise.

Time saving

Checklists and analyses facilitate the research and evaluation of products or services.

Improved accessibility

Non-binding offers make it easier to gain access to important information and services.


You feel empowered because you are in control of your decisions, without pressure or sales tactics.

Facilitated communication

Free services can serve as a basis for discussion with the provider to clarify specific questions or needs.

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Freebies for YOU! - at a glance

These are free tips, checklists, and analyses to help you take your online presence to the next level and why we chose them.

Free services offer a variety of benefits across different areas, from organization to web presence optimization. Starting with checklists, these free tools enable efficient structuring and execution of tasks and processes. They increase efficiency by enabling systematic processing while reducing the risk of errors. By standardizing workflows, checklists contribute significantly to quality assurance and are designed to be user-friendly.

In the area of website checks, free services cover a wide range of checks, from usability improvement to security checks. They provide a valuable analysis of website performance, identify usability issues, and security vulnerabilities, and evaluate the content and design of the site. They also guarantee that the website works optimally on different devices and browsers through compatibility checks.

SEO analysis is another crucial area where free services offer significant added value. They increase the visibility of a website by identifying keywords and optimization opportunities, performing competitive analysis, and developing strategies to increase qualified traffic. Through content optimization recommendations and technical improvements, they help website owners improve their search engine rankings. They also help develop effective link-building strategies to increase website authority and trustworthiness.

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webhead: Importance of our freebies

In the world of online presence and website optimization, our mission is to offer customers real value with our free services. From in-depth research and useful tips to detailed checklists and analysis, our freebies are specifically designed to help you and your website. They are completely non-binding, free of charge, and basically contactless, giving you the freedom to test our offers risk-free.

We understand the challenges that female website owners face and want to help you improve your SEO, performance, visibility, and security. After a detailed report or feedback from us, you’ll discover what steps you can take yourself to make your website a success. Our range of services is extensive and aims to take your website to the top.

It is important to us that you can make the necessary changes on your own to bring you closer to your goals. Our free tips, checklists, and analyses are valuable resources that will take your online presence to the next level.

Our freebies are accessible to everyone. They offer an excellent opportunity to take the first steps towards optimizing your website without any obligations – completely and totally free of charge! We measure our success by yours and are always available as a competent contact partner to help you strengthen your online presence.

Take this opportunity to check your website and discover how you can optimally improve it. With our free services, you have nothing to lose, but rather a wealth of opportunities to gain to make your website a success.

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webheads prices at a glance

On our website, you will always find transparent information about our SEO, web design, and support prices. webhead is committed to transparency and professionalism in the role of SEO consultant and expert and offers comprehensive services in SEO consulting and advice for individuals and small to large companies. Our experienced SEO consultants and experts are ready to support your search engine optimization (SEO) with expertise and proven strategies.

As your preferred SEO agency in Vienna, we are the partner at your side who values close cooperation and openness.

If you are interested in WordPress support, including problem-solving, maintenance service, emergency assistance, and website support, we offer reliable and effective support. Our prices for WordPress support and maintenance services are clearly presented.

Standard hourly rate without hourly package (or after expiry of the discounted period) €80

For customized offers or a free, non-binding consultation, we are always available and happy to assist you.

As your SEO agency in Vienna, we strive to be your trustworthy partner with the aim of close and transparent cooperation.

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Then let us talk to each other without obligation and free of charge. We will turn your idea into a concept and will be happy to advise you.

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