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Prevent hacker attacks, and protect your website from malware and security vulnerabilities: The security of your WordPress website is a top priority!

Your online presence is more than just a website! It is your online business card, protects your data, and your customers’ data, and represents your brand integrity and customer reliability. From the base to the backend, every single aspect of your WordPress website should be protected. A weak infrastructure or an unsecured web server are major security risks! With our WordPress security packages, you can ensure that your website remains secure against digital threats. You can find our WordPress security prices and packages here.

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WordPress Security (WordPress website security) is YOUR PROTECTION. Availability, performance, cyber security & WordPress security: We help you and take care of your online security. Our packages are ideal for every concern and every website!

WordPress security prices: This is what our security packages include

Our security packages offer you:

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Why our WordPress security packages?

Every minute, 90,000 WordPress sites become the target of a hacker! WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS system, and therefore also a popular target, so even small security gaps are exploited as vulnerabilities. However, a hacker rarely succeeds with secure WordPress websites! Our WordPress security packages and the services they include are designed to be adaptive and proactive! This ensures that we can quickly detect and fix any flaws and vulnerabilities. With our packages, you protect your privacy, your data, and your WordPress website. We regularly scan your website for security vulnerabilities and take care of the rest. Software that could make your website vulnerable – from plugins to logs: We make sure your website is performing at its best, available, up to date, and protected in every way.

Availability, protection and online security

Security problems, we prevent them and integrate security settings that make cyber attacks and bugs unlikely and prevent them.

Customized solutions

Solutions and security measures for the individual vulnerabilities of your WordPress website.


From backups and updates to malware removal, we cover it all. Your WordPress website performs ideally with us, remains available and is securely protected against vulnerabilities, hacker attacks and outages.

Experts with experience

Our team has the technical knowledge, years of experience and is able to support you and keep your website secure.

If – despite all precautions – a security incident should occur, our team acts promptly: we identify and remove malware immediately, clean your website, and restore it to a secure state. In this way, we ensure that no valuable content is lost.

High performance, WordPress security, and online protection: this is what our WordPress security packages offer you. Each of our packages has been designed to meet the needs of different business sizes and types. From now on, you don’t have to worry about the security of your WordPress website. Get in touch with us, we will be happy to advise you free of charge and without obligation.

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Clause for additional services: In the case of workloads that exceed the agreed services, the extraordinary additional services will be invoiced with the customer’s consent.

* All prices are exclusive of 20% statutory VAT.

Title WordPress Update Pack WordPress Security Pack WordPress Security Pack Advanced WordPress Premium Security Pack⁺
System updates
All 30 days
All 30 days
All 30 days
All 15 days
Plugin updates
All 30 days
All 30 days
All 30 days
All 15 days
Daily backups
Regular safety checks and safety check-ups