UI & UX Design

Both terms have the task of shaping the interface design of a website.

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Corporate design or general design for company products, logos, website etc. is one of the most important key factors for any branding. You should go more towards corporate design nowadays because it is important to create a brand out of your name. Because when you are finally a brand, you always have sales and you don’t have to worry so much about acquisition. In this video we would like to explain how we work with design, for more information please contact us. Contact us for a free and no obligation initial consultation.

UI & UX design - what is that supposed to be?

Everyone involved in web development has heard of UI (User Interface Design) and UX (User Experience Design). Both terms have the task of designing the interface design of a website, whereby the UI design ensures the visual design of an interactive application. The UX design should offer the user a positive user experience – i.e. influence his feelings.
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Why use UI & UX design?

UI & UX are closely interwoven and rarely exist without each other. A digital product is only convincing if the look and feel are clearly conveyed. UI & UX as core competencies ensure special user experiences and sustainably increase the value of the brand.

Users & customers are the focus

When developing our UI & UX design solutions, the focus is always on people as users or customers. We focus on user needs as the main element in the design process. In this way we realize the design of intuitively usable and appealing products and services. The business goals can only be sustained with positive customer experiences.
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UI design - visual design & usability

With the user interface or the user interface, users interact with an interactive application. The interaction between users and users must be effective and efficient, which is made possible by intuitive operability. This means that the design of the usability should above all be visually appealing and coherent. In addition to the design, the aim of UI Design is to convey the brand message with a visual imprint on websites and apps.

UX design - provides the experience area

The main focus of the UX is in the experience area. Here, behind the user, the focus is on people and their needs in order to analyze their context of use. Webhead Enterprise as a UX software designer, designs touchpoints from the user’s point of view so that the user does not click away on the page immediately. In the case of digital media in particular, it is important that they are intuitive, uncomplicated and easy to understand. Forming a brand image – for an optimal brand presence With UX Design we can sharpen the brand identity of your company, because the brand establishes the relationship between you and your target group. In addition to the design of websites, apps or software, it is also important that the design is individual Reflect the strengths and characteristics of your brand or company. Good UX design not only highlights your brand, it also ensures that your company is perceived as trustworthy and competent.
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Unique user experience with UI & UX

When UI & UX design mutually reinforce and support each other, a unique user experience is possible. You get a digital product that is convincing because the look and feel are right. In the Website Enterprise team you will find design experts who love their job and who implement interactive applications in such a way that your success is guaranteed.
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