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We are a professional WordPress agency that has already gained extensive experience in the field of search engine optimization. We are aware of what is important in WordPress SEO 😊 We support you in optimizing your WordPress website and ensure that your target group can find you. Our professional search engine optimization enables you to appear in the search results of the most popular search engines such as Google and Bing. At the same time, we ensure better performance of your website. This leads to a reduction in your bounce rate and a larger flow of visitors. A successful SEO optimization of your WordPress website for search engines, known as WordPress SEO, is crucial for the success of your website. WordPress SEO is not just a technical matter, but a strategic method to make your website visible and attractive to search engines and create users.

Why WordPress SEO?

WordPress Search Engine Optimization is an essential part of any successful WordPress website as it increases visibility on the internet. This ensures that your visitors stay longer on your website and do not leave after a few seconds.

Our WordPress agency in Vienna ensures a higher conversion rate and therefore actively contributes to your success. We ensure that your WordPress website is successful by professionally taking care of search engine optimization for you.

What changes? WordPress SEO configuration

A normal configuration of WordPress includes general settings such as the design of the website, management of users and roles, and setting up permalinks.

WordPress SEO optimization aims to improve the visibility of your website for search engines. These measures include optimizing meta tags and descriptions, creating XML sitemaps for better indexing by search engines, adjusting permalink structure for SEO, and adding structured data.

Regarding the basic functionality and appearance of your website, the WordPress SEO configuration specializes in improving your website in terms of search engine optimization and visibility in search results.

What doesn't change - everything else!

Technical SEO is an essential aspect of WordPress SEO. Website structure, loading speed, mobile friendliness and implementation of XML sitemaps and Robots.txt are important factors to consider when implementing. With technical SEO in WordPress you improve the indexability and user experience of your website.

WordPress SEO OnPage refers to all the optimizations that you can do directly on your website. This includes improving headlines, using keywords, using keywords, optimizing images, and ensuring quality content.

Keyword research is a core part of WordPress SEO. It is the process of finding and analyzing terms that users enter into search engines. This research allows you to create content that is specifically targeted to your audience’s search queries.

As part of WordPress SEO, analyzing your competition is essential. It allows you to understand the strategies others in your industry are using and helps identify opportunities to improve your own SEO. From keywords to content, learn from the best.

Speeding up your WordPress website, often referred to as speed optimization, is an important aspect of WordPress SEO. A fast-loading page improves user experience, reduces bounce rates, and is ranked positively by search engines, ultimately leading to better ranking positions.

This is how we proceed with WordPress SEO optimization

With WordPress SEO, we focus on the technical and content side. The technical side includes choosing the right plugins and the right theme. In addition to WordPress SEO, we perform mobile optimization and improve loading times on your website. There are also special SEO plugins to implement backlinks and internal links.

Our content-related work includes the creation of high-quality content, the adaptation of your current content and keyword research. We also optimize meta tags, images, graphics and videos.

After our original search engine optimization, our WordPress agency in Vienna is available to you as a long-term partner.

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Do you need WordPress support?

Feel free to contact us about your WordPress website so that we can send you the most important information about your website and your target group. We create an overall concept for your WordPress website and optimize it according to your wishes. In the long term, we will also be happy to support you with everything to do with WordPress.

Advantages of WordPress SEO – the technical aspect


The website can be extended with various plugins and themes without changing the basic structure.


There are numerous security plugins that will help you protect your website from hacker attacks.

performance optimization

Using special plugins can improve the speed and performance of your website, e.g. by caching, minifying CSS and JavaScript and optimizing images.


WordPress is regularly updated to support the latest web technologies and standards.

data management

Using plugins for database management, backups and restore increases the security of your data.

SEO Optimization

Die Verwendung von SEO-Plugins kann dazu beitragen, die Sichtbarkeit Ihrer Website in Suchmaschinen zu verbessern.

Our WordPress SEO additional services

WordPress SEO involves a number of processes to improve the visibility of your website. This includes technical optimization, such as improving loading speed and ensuring mobile-friendliness. Content analysis and optimization are also key. Mobile optimization is essential, as search engines prefer mobile-friendly pages. Long-term collaboration and support, backed by WordPress plugins and WordPress support can significantly increase the SEO success of your website. In the process, continuous optimizations and updates help to improve your online presence in the long term.

Our services go beyond WordPress SEO to include WordPress web design and WordPress hosting. Our professional web design team creates responsive websites that are optimized for both users and search engines. In addition, we offer reliable WordPress hosting for optimal performance of your website. In addition, we have introduced a new offer: WordPress Efficient. It allows you to quickly and affordably order a professional website that takes into account all aspects of modern web design and SEO. Our comprehensive services will ensure that your WordPress site is successful in all areas.

As experts in web design, WordPress and SEO, we offer a wide range of services. These include UI & UX design, development and maintenance of social media presences, homepages and web stores with excellent web design. In addition, we take care of website redesign of outdated websites. Our SEO services include comprehensive keyword research and competitive analysis. In the process, our all-inclusive WordPress support secures your website with all the necessary security measures.

Our prices for WordPress support

WordPress web design and WordPress SEO – why not additionally WordPress support? You are passionate about WordPress, then you can feel safe in with WordPress support. With our various service packages, your WordPress website is professional, powerful and affordable to maintain. Our goal is to increase your online presence, maximize their traffic and optimize their conversion rate.

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* All prices exclude 20% VAT. Support for homepages not created by us according to effort. For plugin installations and setups the effort depends on the respective plugin, if the effort does not exceed two hours.

Ultimate Website Booster SEO

Who wants a package that includes all important services related to SEO?Technical SEO, SEO OnPage and SEO OffPage are integral parts of a holistic SEO strategy. Technical search engine optimization (SEO) makes it possible to optimize the infrastructure of a website. SEO OnPage aims to optimize the content and metadata of the website. SEO OffPage includes measures outside of one’s own website, such as backlink building, to strengthen domain authority.