WordPress Maintenance & Update Service

Are you experiencing problems with your outdated WordPress website? Does your website need thorough troubleshooting and updating? We are your competent partner and will fix ALL errors and professionally ensure that your website is absolutely state-of-the-art. Worry no more – webhead takes care of everything for you! From bug fixes, backups, updates, the scan of your host and database files, and the fixing of security errors (in the Google Search Console), in WordPress Core to Plugins and Themes, professional WordPress maintenance and update service is one of our core competencies.

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WordPress maintenance

Optimal usability with WordPress maintenance, WordPress update and support from Webhead

WordPress is the most widely used content management system (CMS) in the world. Outdated and vulnerable WordPress websites are a high-security risk! The popular CMS is an attractive target for hacking and cyber attacks by cybercriminals, especially with outdated WordPress websites. The maintenance and support service from the webhead closes all security gaps and protects the infrastructure of your website. A regular WordPress backup increases data security and ensures performance. Leave WordPress maintenance and WordPress backup to us so that you can focus completely on your core business without any security risks. Our team takes care of professional WordPress maintenance, installs WordPress updates, and secures your data. Depending on your needs, different service packages are available (hourly packages & available monthly), which reliably increase security on the web

WP Maintenance: All this is included in our support service

Maximum security with our support service for your WordPress website through a wide range of services on WordPress.

Theme updates ensure that your WordPress website is displayed optimally for all users. Security vulnerabilities can also occur in themes. These should be closed with WordPress updates. Our team adapts plugins and extensions to the theme update so that the web application works smoothly.

Bug fixes and WordPress maintenance are another important part. WordPress is a dynamic CMS. New content and additional plugins are constantly being added. Regular bug fixes in the code are essential to ensure maximum security and optimal functionality in the long term.

WordPress backups are one of the basics in terms of data security. Our backup service backs up all relevant data like databases, theme data, image data, plugins, PDFs, and videos. A cyberattack is not always responsible for data loss. A malfunctioning theme update can lead to data loss. With a WordPress backup from Webhead, you are on the safe side. We store all relevant data securely in the cloud. The backup intervals for the WordPress website can be set individually.

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Why is a regular WordPress update necessary?

As soon as a new version of the WordPress core was released or the Themes and Plugins need an update, a WordPress update is required. Those who install updates on their own, risk errors and data loss, which affects performance and security and in turn SEO. A regular WordPress update, regarding themes, plugins, and core, is necessary for a secure and professional WordPress website. Our support team will regularly check your website for WordPress updates and professionally perform the installation so that you always stay up to date with WordPress updates. The experts at Webhead know all the details. If an update causes problems or a security vulnerability endangers the WordPress installation, our team knows immediately what to do.

WordPress maintenance at a glance

  • Security updates & security checks
  • Bug fixes
  • Plugin updates & new functions
  • Plugin compatibility
  • Updates
  • WordPress theme & core updates
  • PHP version update
  • Monitoring
  • Technical performance
  • Scan of host and database files
  • WordPress backups
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WordPress maintenance is essential: reasons for monitoring and technical performance

The technical performance of the website is an important success factor. Well-accessible websites increase user satisfaction and have a positive impact on search engine rankings. Failures minimize revenue potential and have a negative effect on search engine optimization. Our support includes a gapless monitoring service for your WordPress website. This way you can be sure that your website is flawlessly accessible at all times. If technical changes to plugins, core, or themes delay loading times, we identify and fix the problem immediately for optimal loading times, which are the prerequisite for conversions and an excellent user experience.

Security check and support service from Webhead

Know-how and experience characterize our way of working. We check your website for possible security risks and provide fast help in case of ambiguities. At Webhead, you can book individual services or practical support packages. Our WordPress backup service increases the reliability of your website by storing complete backups on an external server. Our team checks the website for display, security, and performance issues. A free website analysis is the starting point. webhead takes over the search for deficits, errors, and security vulnerabilities. Then, we fix all deficiencies so that the WordPress website meets the current technical standard. Malware monitoring and optimizations can be booked on a one-time or continuous basis. The infected website is clean of malware and errors. A final security test ensures optimal functioning. Load time optimizations, search engine optimization, the cleanup of broken links, and the optimization of server settings are also part of our portfolio.

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Prices at a glance

At webhead you will find exactly what you need at fixed prices for every budget and every person. We focus on quality, transparency, and customer satisfaction. Take a look at our packages and choose the one that suits you best. For personal requests or an individual offer, you can contact us at any time free of charge and without obligation. Our goal is to ensure a first-class and impressive online presence and to support you in your online success.

Standard hourly rate without hourly package (or after expiry of the discounted period) €85

WordPress Maintenance, WordPress Support & Update: Our services

Our team takes care of professional WordPress maintenance, installs WordPress updates, closes all security holes in your website, and provides a secure backup of your data. Contact us, we will be happy to assist you at any time and provide you with free, no-obligation advice and support through our digital services.

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Personal, competent and expert

WordPress maintenance and support from webhead convince with transparent and fair prices. The starting point is a free website analysis. One-time security checks including troubleshooting or long-term maintenance contracts are part of our service offering. Viruses, malware, host and database file scan, and security bug fixes in Google Search Console, WordPress Core as well as plugins and themes are part of our core competencies. We solve all website problems and provide WordPress backups. We are happy to develop an individual service package that meets their needs. The first consultation is without obligation and free of charge. Contact us, we are at your disposal as a competent contact.

Schedule a WordPress maintenance consultation now

We are at your disposal and will gladly make you an individual offer. As a WordPress agency (based in Vienna) we offer a wide range of WordPress services and are happy to help you achieve online success. It does not only take a nice web design to be successful. But it also requires years of experience, automated processes, and expertise to make sure everything else on the WordPress website works. As a WordPress agency, we provide our clients with highly qualitative services such as WordPress hosting, WordPress designs, WordPress support, WordPress malware & virus removal for more security on the Net, WordPress plugins & WordPress SEO for perfect website functioning. You and your requirements are the focus for us 😊

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Why should you choose WordPress? Well, WordPress is the ultimate open source platform that provides for you the web design and the most popular content management system. WordPress is extremely user-friendly and offers an amazing selection of plugins, updates and themes.

The cost can vary greatly depending on how many pages you want to have and what your requirements are. You also need to take into account the cost of hosting, domain, premium themes or plugins you may need, and maintenance or security services. At Webhead you have fixed and transparent prices. As an example, you can have a custom website created for a one-time cost of only 990 euros, including domain setup. For a personal, free consultation we are of course at your disposal.

All of our prices are also available for you online. Our prices and packages at a glance:

Web design, WordPress & SEO prices webheads : All prices at a glance, Web design prices, OnPage SEO prices, OffPage SEO prices, Support prices

Services webheads at a glance:

Web design & SEO prices webheads (also for web design & SEO throughout Austria): All prices at a glance, Webdesign prices, OnPage SEO prices, OffPage SEO prices, Support prices.

Our web design services as a web design agency: Webdesign Vienna (& all Austria), Website Redesign, Webshop, Online Booking System

Our SEO services as SEO agency: SEO Vienna (& all of Austria), SEO OnPage, SEO OffPage, Technical SEO, Competition Analysis, Keyword Research

Our WordPress services as WordPress agency Vienna: WordPress web design, WordPress support, WordPress plugin, WordPress hosting, WordPress malware & virus removal.

The frequency of backups depends on your hosting provider and your own strategy. Some hosting providers offer daily backups, while others offer weekly or monthly backups. It is recommended to make regular backups of your website and store them in a safe place.

WordPress website maintenance can include various activities, including updating WordPress itself, updating plugins and themes, checking and fixing security issues, monitoring website performance, performing backups, and fixing errors or problems.

We provide regular and constant communication as well as communication options – and of course we will inform you about all steps, updates and security issues/progress. You will be regularly informed and updated about the update as well as WordPress updates. We are also available to you at any time through our support ticket system, by mail, online meetings and phone.

WordPress is a highly secure CMS, provided it is properly managed, and updated! This includes regular updates and security patches, the use of strong passwords, restricted user access and naturally, the use of secure web hosting. One thing is for sure: an outdated WordPress website is a security problem, not the CMS system.

This is one of the ways you can protect yourself from hackers:

  • Regular updates and upgrades
  • Use complex passwords and change passwords regularly.
  • Give access to your WordPress dashboard only to necessary people.
  • Use 2-FA (two-factor authentication)
  • Use WordPress security plugins
  • Regular backups
  • Use secure hosting

You can also find detailed instructions here on our website. As a WordPress agency, we of course provide malware and virus removal, web hosting, professionally secure your website and professionally protect you from hackers.

Our WordPress services as WordPress Agency Vienna: WordPress web design, WordPress support, WordPress plugin, WordPress hosting, WordPress malware & virus removal.

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