WordPress: Malware and Virus Removal

WordPress website was hacked? Discovered malware attack against your WordPress website? Don’t worry and let webhead, your reliable WordPress agency, professionally take care of malware and virus removal, close all security gaps on your website and let yourself be long-term secure on the net against viruses and threats protected.

Remove Malware: Malware & virus removal from your WordPress website

webhead, your competent partner for a secure removal and remediation of malware, bugs and viruses from your hacked WordPress website, offers a wide plate of WordPress services like WordPress web design as well as WordPress SEO and WordPress support. The latter also includes removing malware from a WordPress CMS. While regular WordPress backups already provide high security against viruses and other threats, small security holes still allow an attacker to compromise your site. Contact us immediately, we will take all the necessary security measures to protect your WordPress website against all kinds of threats and attacks.

This is how your WordPress website is professionally repaired

How do we go about a malware removal?

Step 1: Scanning for Malware, Hacks and Vulnerabilities

Thanks to our many years of experience and our expertise, we scan all program codes, malware and hacks that have infected and infested your WordPress website.

Step 2: Identification & Analysis

For now, we need to understand the scale of the problem in order to determine the nature of the malware, bug, or virus and prevent it from spreading first.

Step 3: Removal of all backdoors

Hackers and cybercriminals often install so-called “backdoors” to gain repeat access to your WordPress website. These backdoors MUST be removed. If these are not removed, malware can quickly reinfect your website. We make sure no backdoors or malware & bugs are left behind that could lead to reinfection.

Step 4: Check database

Malware can reside not only in WordPress, but also directly in the database. Malware can be in the form of scripts in blog posts, or spam can be found directly in the content—often as hidden text that Google finds but isn’t overtly visible. It is also important to check the users that have been created and to delete any that you do not know.

Step 5: Verification of data

Here we check all your data for malware in your database. The bugs and malware hidden in the database are often hidden and hidden.

Step 6: Security updates and vulnerability fixes

Here we update your website to the latest WordPress version, install all necessary security patches and close all security loopholes, such as WordPress updates, plugin updates, theme updates, core update, passwords and more.

Step 7: Strengthen security measures

Here we introduce additional security measures to make your website more resilient to future attacks.

Step 8: Regular maintenance and comprehensive support

Finally, we make sure that your website works continuously, securely and first-class. We perform regular maintenance (back-ups, scanning for malware and vulnerabilities, WordPress updates and more) to keep your website up-to-date and secure.

This is how we restore your WordPress website safely, professionally and reliably and protect you from hackers and cybercriminals. Hackers, malware and bugs don’t stand a chance at webhead! It is our job to keep your website safe and secure from cyber criminals.

Emergency hacking help from webhead!

WordPress Support: This includes our emergency hacking help (WordPress Emergency & Support).

emergency aid

Intervene and quickly mitigate damage as soon as a hacking attack is identified. So that we can prevent the spread of malware.


Scanning of website malware, malware and website viruses

error correction

Fixing WordPress errors, viruses, bugs and security vulnerabilities

Malware Removal

Hack, malware and virus removal


Long-term data protection through regular and secure backups of your WordPress website

Updates & Updates

All updates and updates such as: WordPress Core Update, WordPress Plugin Update, WordPress Theme Update,..

Security review & improvements

Implementing website security measures such as: installing security plugins, improving password policies, updating outdated software components, and more.

“Why should I choose WordPress support?” To make your website more secure in the future...

Malware and virus removal as part of webhead's support

Secure your WordPress website from cybercriminals. WordPress CMS is the most widely used content management system in the world and therefore the most popular target of hacker attacks. Every minute, about 90,000 pages under WordPress become the target of a hacker’s attack. This has seldom success with well protected pages, but with less protected ones it does. For example, if you even do without the regularly offered WordPress backup, sooner or later you have to expect an attack by malware.

How do you know if your own WordPress website has been hacked?

How to know if your WordPress website has been hacked by cyber criminals. Malware, virus, bug or hack are indicated by a few symptoms:

How does the malware get into a WordPress CMS?

Malware can get into a WordPress CMS or even a webshop created with WordPress in many ways. Usually human hackers and automated bots exploit security vulnerabilities. These are primarily caused by not using the WordPress backup. But there are more causes. Thus, a WordPress CMS should lock out the user concerned in case of repeated incorrect login attempts (at the latest after the third incorrect password entry). Some site operators do without this measure, which – combined with a weak password – can easily make them the target of a hacker attack. In such cases, a bot or hacker gets onto the website with a brute force attack, in which so many password combinations are automatically tried until the correct one is found. Other security vulnerabilities arise from outdated WordPress themes and WordPress plugins. Bot networks automatically search the web for websites with such vulnerabilities. There they install their malware. A popular gateway remains phishing emails, which exploit the naivety of administrators and users. However, virus codes can also originate from compromised websites.

How do we identify malware in a WordPress CMS?

A WordPress site can be scanned for malware. This is recommended on a regular basis anyway, because malware can work unnoticed in the background for a long time. We offer our customers this scan every month. It is due at the latest when one of the above-mentioned symptoms appears, and also whenever the website is to be changed. For the scans for malware, our programmers with years of experience use, among other things, certain plug-ins.

You can also remove malware yourself - security & protection against hacker attacks with webhead

“How can I remove a malware?” Here are simple instructions so that you can also protect yourself from hackers and malicious malware. First of all, you should know that the scan and repair program Wordfence can be used to remove malware from a WordPress CMS or a web shop under WordPress. We recommend that you always make a WordPress backup beforehand and store it in a separate location that cannot be infected. After that, a WordPress update should definitely be done. If the latest version is on the server, you can first update all themes and plug-ins via the update manager. Here’s one thing you shouldn’t forget: changing all your passwords. Sometimes only the admin has a password that needs to be changed. The database password at the hoster and in wp-config.php must also be changed (Where is because that? It is located at the define line in the WordPress root directory, accessible via (S)FTP). After that, another WordPress backup should be done. Wordfence will then offer a scan that you can use to find malware and then remove the malware. In some cases it may be necessary to remove the malware manually. Unfortunately, we cannot write simple instructions here, since the process is complex and private users can hardly do it. That’s why we offer our customers the opportunity to have malware removed professionally by experts.

WordPress website was hacked, or..

Security vulnerabilities found on your WordPress website and you want to have the viruses & malware removed? Contact us 😊 We will find and remove WordPress malware, viruses and bugs quickly and safely, and also set up regular WordPress backups for you. Get in contact!

Why webhead chose WordPress

The versatility, usability and reliability of WordPress have led us to become a WordPress agency Vienna. WordPress’ range of services offers every client the opportunity to professionally and innovatively strengthen their online presence. It does not only require a good layout or a good SEO ranking to be successful. But it also requires double security, automated processes and reliable systems to make sure everything else works. THAT SECURITY IS PROVIDED BY WORDPRESS. As a WordPress agency Vienna, we are very close to our customers highly qualitative services in terms of security. It can be compared to a property: for example WordPress Hosting is the house of every good WordPress Designs, WordPress Support symbolizes the fence around the house, which protects and maintains the house and the content inside. WordPress Plugins are, for example, the innovative and individual features with which you can make his WordPress website recognizable. In addition, this can be easily and smoothly filtered by WordPress SEO from Google, so that your reach and traffic increases and you make their profits for their WordPress website.

Our web design services:

What our customers say

Malware is software designed to steal data, damage websites, or disrupt the operation of systems. In the case of a WordPress website, malware can cause the site to be hacked, content to be altered, or the site to become unsafe for visitors. Professional WordPress support can help ensure site security and remove malware.

There are various reasons why a WordPress website gets hacked – redirecting to spam or phishing sites or sending spam through the hacked website’s server. The important thing is to stay calm and react. Remove malware, create backups and work on security vulnerabilities. Our WordPress Support packages offers various security processes that will support you in case of a malware attack.

Malware attacks and security breaches are often due to outdated software, weak passwords or phishing attacks. Excessive support, outdated plugins or themes can increase such risks. A regular update and professional WordPress support is therefore essential for maintaining the security of your website.

Professional WordPress support is crucial for malware and virus removal. Experts can check the website for signs of infection, determine the cause of infection, remove the malware or viruses, and take measures to improve the security of the website to prevent future attacks.

We put great emphasis on security and support and take all the necessary security measures to protect your WordPress website against all kinds of threats. Our comprehensive WordPress support includes all the necessary security measures to keep you safe online in the long run.

Our WordPress Efficient package is the perfect choice for you! You can create a secure, personal and professional online presence with our WordPress Efficient for a fixed price of a ONE TIME deposit of only 490,- Euro in 4 easy steps. Of course, this package also includes a domain setup- that’s how fast you can get a responsive, DSGVO-compliant website! Throughout the entire process, we will be in contact with you at all times through our modern online ticket system and answer your questions. You can also share your wishes and more specific ideas with us at any time.

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