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Web Hosting: The digital home for your website! Sit back and let us do the work- As a WordPress agency, we are happy to take care of the hosting for you & help you get the maximum out of your online presence. The best web design cannot reach its full potential without reliable and effective web hosting.


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Maximum performance: how to get the most out of your online presence with WordPress hosting from Webhead

A successful online business starts with fast and reliable web hosting. We as a specialized agency for web hosting and WordPress hosting can help you get the most out of your online presence – at reasonable WordPress costs.

Why maximum performance is important

A website that functions agilely is essential for success in online business. Because the faster a page loads, the more likely visitors are to stay on your site and the higher the chance of conversions. Loading time also plays a crucial role in ranking with search engines like Google. Therefore, you should make sure that your website always performs optimally. At Webhead, we can provide each client with customized solutions – for an optimal user experience without unnecessary WordPress costs!

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is an essential part of any online presence and plays a crucial role in the performance and stability of your online presence. It refers to the process by which your website is stored on a server that is connected to the Internet. The server is responsible for making your website accessible to visitors by providing the necessary files and enabling data transfer.

What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress hosting is a type of web hosting that is specifically optimized for WordPress. Basically, your WordPress website is hosted on a specially configured server. This server is optimized to meet the requirements of WordPress and ensure fast loading time and high availability.
With Webhead’s fast servers, automatic backups, and 24/7 support, you can be sure that your website will always run smoothly and be protected from hackers and malware attacks in the best possible way. WordPress costs vary depending on the plan and the number of users or records that must be stored on the server.

WordPress Hosting Top-Facts im Überblick:

Webhead offers a wide range of options for web hosting tailored to their specific needs – we have the right solution for every requirement.

Advantages of Managed WordPress Hosting

One of the biggest challenges in managing a WordPress website is ensuring optimal performance, contrasted with WordPress costs. Case studies show that by using the right WordPress hosting, companies have been able to improve their load times and achieve higher user satisfaction. In addition, the better performance also allowed them to improve search engine rankings, which in turn led to more traffic and ultimately more sales.
The webhead expert team offers established Managed WordPress Hosting- on dedicated servers, with first-class service and support (24/7). Our hosting plans are scalable and flexible, so you can get exactly what you need – without additional WordPress costs for unnecessary resources. Contact us, we’ll be happy to assist you.

Advantages at a glance

Web hosting allows individuals and companies to create a website and publish it on the Internet. Without web hosting, it would not be possible for the general public to access a website and view its contents.

Hosting ensures that a website is available around the clock. This allows users to visit and use your website at any time.

Web hosting provides storage for all the files, images, videos, and other content displayed on a website.

Hosting is responsible for the transfer of data when a user accesses a website. Hosting services ensure that the page and its contents are loaded correctly and accordingly fastly.

Webhead as a web hosting provider also offers security measures to protect your website from attacks, viruses, and other threats.

Webhead as a web hosting provider also offers email services that allow you to create email accounts under your own domain.

Webhead as a web hosting provider offers technical support and extensive customer service to help with any problems or questions you may have and to be able to assist you online at any time.

WordPress hosting: importance of a web hosting

Good web hosting contributes significantly to the performance of a website and ensures that your website runs smoothly.


Your website is online and accessible to visitors around the clock.


Fast performance & page speed positively influences the user experience.

Security & Website Security

It provides protection for the content provided on the website, protects against malware, bugs, and errors, and ensures that user data and web design are secure.


Depending on the growth of your website or visitor traffic, the web hosting can be adjusted accordingly.

WordPress SEO

Big impact on SEO: aspects such as load time, availability and security can affect the ranking of your website in search engines.

Data management and storage

A safe and reliable place to store and manage your data

Our prices for wordpress web design

Professional web design at the best prices! A highly professional, effective, and modern WordPress web design ensures a perfect impression and a professional online presence. As a WordPress agency, we know exactly what your customers want to see and convince them with individual and modern designs. You can rely on our years of experience as a WordPress agency in the IT industry, especially in the field of web design, WordPress web design Vienna, WordPress plugins, and WordPress support.







* All prices excl. 20% statutory value added tax.
What our customers say

We, Webhead, use WordPress ourselves and count its value highly. In most everyday situations, it is an asset for our company – As a WordPress agency we pay attention to constant development with WordPress, and we are very happy to offer it to our clients and support them in their projects.

Our WordPress services are WordPress Plugin (WordPress Theme Design and Plugin Design, Plugin Search), WordPress Web Design, WordPress Redesign, WordPress SEO, WordPress Hosting / Web Hosting & comprehensive WordPress Support.

For individual inquiries and requests, we are at your disposal and offer a free consultation.

Web design with WordPress is the creation and design of websites using WordPress. WordPress is a highly powerful and secure open-source content management system (CMS) tool.

Our blog post “What is WordPress?” might interest you.

WordPress offers many advantages! Some advantages of WordPress are:

  • User-friendly
  • Customizable
  • WordPress SEO: with the help of SEO tools and plugins, you can optimize your website for search engines more easily
  • Content & content easier to customize: With WordPress, you can easily add content to your website yourself and also manage it.
  • Regular updates: WordPress is regularly updated through updates. These updates close security holes and improve the system.
  • Integration: WordPress integrates easily with numerous other tools and platforms.
  • Multilingual feature: With the help of different plugins, you can also create multilingual WordPress websites.

Hosting is a service where a provider provides storage space and services to store a website or data on the Internet. When you buy a web hosting service, you rent space on the provider’s server. Your website is stored on this server and can be accessed by others over the Internet. This type of process is necessary to have a website online and accessible to others.

We advise and accompany you, both interested parties and customers. From the beginning, during their project, and also after the completion of their project, we are at your side as a partner. We are available to you in various ways – by phone, email, contact form, and our customer service system.

Web hosting refers to the hosting of websites. A web hosting provider provides storage space on a server where the website data is stored. This makes it possible to make this website accessible on the Internet.

Whether it’s shared hosting (an option where multiple websites are hosted on one server) or VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server) – we have the right solution for you, contact us regarding our WordPress costs.

Our SEO services are very diverse, from detailed keyword research and SEO Analsye to our Ultimate Booster SEO Package, wherein SEO OnPage, SEO OffPage, and the technical SEO can be booked.

For further interest in our services: WordPress web design, Webshop & Onlineshop – E-Commerce, Online booking system, and Support & webhead – hour packages.

As SEO Agency Vienna advise we not only our customers but are also interested in SEO support happy.

If you want a free consultation, contact us using our contact form: contact.

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