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Do you want to appear convincing online?

In addition to our web design service, we also offer support packages and hourly packages to effectively improve your presence and security in the digital space.

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Support & Webhead – Our hourly packages:

What are the WordPress costs at webhead? If you need additional services for your website or webshop – we can help you with our hourly packages. You can use these flexibly for any request, we offer hourly quotas (with/without commitment) and your hours don’t expire!

WordPress costs from webhead - Your advantages with our hourly packages!

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Services for which you can use our hourly packages:

For other services, please use our contact form with the keyword “hourly packages/WordPress costs”: Contact

Standard hourly rate without hourly package (or after expiry of the discounted period) €85,-.

Titel Hourly package 5 Hourly package 10 Hourly package 20
Number of hours
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All services
All services
Cost per hour

* Various services that we offer at webhead

** All prices are exclusive of 20% statutory VAT. The customer can only purchase one hourly package per order. The customer must purchase the hourly packages before the start of the service. The packages are not s