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Does your wordpress website need an update or troubleshooting? We will gladly take over for you and refresh your website so that everything works smoothly and first class again!

This is our WordPress Support

Are there errors, deficiencies and bugs on your website? Is your website outdated and slow? Don’t worry! We as a professional wordpress agency with years of experience will take over for you and freshen up your website with our extensive and personal wordpress support and optimize your website highly professional at a fair and affordable price. Take advantage of our free website analysis!

WordPress Support from WordPress specialists - Freshen up your website!

The easiest and fastest way to get wordpress support (assistance)! At webhead you will get a personal, competent and expert wordpress support. We know exactly how difficult it is to find the right and suitable solution to your website problems. We personally analyze your website and look for deficits, errors and security gaps. After a comprehensive analysis, we optimize your website and make sure that your website meets the technical standards. As a wordpress agency we are specialized in supporting you in all areas of wordpress and offer you a personal and comprehensive wordpress support.

WordPress Support, Maintenance & Update - Why should you update WordPress?

WordPress Support & Update Needs – „What are the consequences of not updating my website?“ If your current website is technically outdated and not up to date, both in terms of content and technology, this can lead to a number of problems. Lack of updates, for example, can lead to poor Google rankings, which can hurt your visibility and traffic. They can also create negative associations with your visitors, as an outdated site gives off an unprofessional image.
In addition, a website that is not updated may attract fewer inquiries, customers, or prospects. Finally, an outdated website increases the risk of becoming an easy target for cybercrime and hackers, which can cause data loss or damage.

This is why WordPress support is so important. It helps keep your website up-to-date and secure, avoiding the problems mentioned above.

WordPress Maintenance & Update Service | WordPress Malware & Virus Removal

WordPress Support Discount - New look, professional design and the same website for the perfect price!

Do you already have a website that is unfortunately outdated and would like to have it updated to the current technical standard updated and optimized? Is your website on an old CMS system? You can’t update your website anymore and there are security holes (bugs, layout, loading time, design …) on your website? We have a first-class offer with an excellent discount for you! At Webhead you will get an excellent price discount of 40% on your website refresh! New look, first-class design with the same content! Our fixed prices with detailed pricing plans can be found on our website. Contact us for a free initial consultation and get a fair, reasonable, and fixed quote.

WordPress Support - why people forget about it?

Many website owners tend to neglect WordPress support because they focus mainly on design and content. They often overlook the fact that continuous WordPress support is essential to keep the website up-to-date, secure, and running smoothly. The importance of WordPress support is sometimes underestimated because technical details can seem complex or the focus is on visible aspects of the website. However, without regular use of WordPress support, problems can arise that could negatively affect both performance, such as speed (WordPress website performance) and security of the website.

WordPress Website Performance | WordPress Maintenance & Update Service | WordPress Malware & Virus Removal

What is WordPress Support?

Maintenance, security and support by our WordPress Support! Save yourself time and nerves and leave your WordPress website to the specialists! From wordpress updates, regular backups to malvare monitoring and optimizations – our wordpress support includes a majority of elements that will bring your website up to the current technical standard, perfect and optimize it. Through our reliable WordPress support, we prevent security risks and ensure that your website runs smoothly and securely.

WordPress Support & WordPress Hosting

For a successful website, WordPress Hosting and WordPress Support are elementary. WordPress Hosting provides your website with the essential infrastructure and the necessary resources. At the same time, WordPress Support ensures steady updates and error-free functionality. Together, they enable an outstanding user experience by providing speed, security, and timeliness. The absence of either WordPress Hosting or WordPress Support could lead to technical or security issues that could affect the performance of your website.

Our WordPress Hosting offers a significant benefit for our clients, as it is closely linked to our comprehensive WordPress support. It not only enables a robust and secure online presence but also guarantees constant technical support. This means that any update, technical issue, or question will be dealt with quickly and efficiently. So with our WordPress hosting, our customers not only get a platform for their website but also continuous support that ensures that their website is always running friction and at the most recent status.

WordPress Hosting | WordPress Maintenance & Update Service | WordPress Malware & Virus Removal

WordPress Support - what do you confuse the tasks of a WordPress support with?

In everyday life, WordPress Support is often confused with WordPress Hosting. While WordPress Hosting provides the infrastructure and platform for your website, WordPress Support is responsible for keeping your website up-to-date, secure, and error-free. WordPress support includes tasks such as updating themes and plugins, fixing technical issues, and optimizing website performance, so-called WordPress website performance. It’s important to understand that although WordPress hosting and WordPress support often go hand in hand, they play different but equally important roles in ensuring the smooth running of your WordPress website.

WordPress Support - WordPress Services

Our WordPress support, WordPress performance, WordPress malware & virus removal, and WordPress maintenance & update service are closely linked. Support ensures regular updates and troubleshooting, which in turn increases the performance (website performance) of the website. An optimized WordPress performance leads to faster load times and improved user experience, while ongoing WordPress support helps maintain and improve this optimal performance. With WordPress malware & virus removal, you let yourself and your WordPress website protect yourself from viruses, bugs, and cyber criminals on the Net in the long run and close all security gaps. With a WordPress maintenance & update service fix all defects and ensure that your website is STILL up to date with the absolute latest technology. All the above WordPress measures contribute to a first-class WordPress SEO!

WordPress Performance | WordPress Maintenance & Update Service | WordPress Malware & Virus Removal

WordPress Support - WordPress SEO

WordPress support and WordPress SEO are closely linked. WordPress support helps with technical maintenance and updating of the website, which in turn improves SEO performance. Good SEO is crucial for a website’s visibility in search engines, and ongoing WordPress support ensures that the website remains technically up-to-date to ensure optimal SEO performance.

Our WordPress Support plays a crucial role for our clients, especially in terms of WordPress SEO. An effective SEO strategy increases the visibility of a website in search engines, which in turn leads to more visitors and potential customers. Our WordPress support ensures that all technical aspects that affect SEO, such as website structure, load times and updates, are always up to date. With this support, our clients can be sure that their website is always optimized to achieve the best possible WordPress SEO results for their WordPress website.

WordPress SEO | WordPress Hosting

WordPress Support - What we offer

Our customized WordPress support hour packages are ideal for different client needs. With a wide range of hourly packages, we offer differentiated WordPress support to meet all your needs.

Whether you choose our basic package, which provides basic maintenance and regular updates, or our premium package, which includes extensive WordPress support and quick troubleshooting, any of our hourly packages will keep your WordPress website up-to-date and secure.

Another benefit of our WordPress support hourly packages is their flexibility. You can start with a smaller package and upgrade to more comprehensive WordPress support hourly packages as needed. This way, we ensure that you get exactly the support you need, when you need it.

Invest in our WordPress support hourly packages and leave the technical details to us. Focus on what you do best: Grow your business and run it successfully.

Wordpress Updates

Secure update (update) of wordpress, wordpress plugins and wordpress templates without data loss and without problems! An instant installation of security updates, a new landing page design and a restore of the hacked WordPress site.


We make sure your website is running smoothly and securely. By cleaning malicious codes & viruses, testing and troubleshooting WordPress sites (finding errors) and to increase the security of the WordPress website, security testing is performed.

Regular backups

Regular and continuous backups of database and all files (images ...)

Content optimization

We optimize the images, videos, audios and texts of your website!

Load time optimization

Through our WordPress support we optimize the loading time of your website.

Server settings

In the server settings we install and enable SSL, transfer your WordPress website securely to another hoster, if necessary we perform PHP updates or updates of hosting settings

Defective links

We check 404 links and redirect wrong links and fix broken links

Malware monitoring

We fix WordPress programming errors, clean the website from viruses and malware, scan host and database files and fix security bugs in Google Search Console

Plugin problems

We fix your problems with plugins that cause deficiencies and problems; perform an installation and configuration of different plugins or an installation of useful and necessary plugins

SEO optimization

You will receive an SEO analysis and report incl. suggestions and solutions for better ranking. We perform technical SEO and solve internal problems of your website (SEO). We set up Google Console and Google Analytics for you.

Small bugs and errors

Let us do the work for you and fix the small, incriminating errors and bugs for you!

Wordpress Support

Whatever you need WordPress help with, we are here for you! Just send us any task or problem you don't have time for and we will solve it!

WordPress Support - The simple and easy work process


Get wordpress support by selecting one of our support plans or get in touch with us directly through our contact form.

Project design

We will present you the project design we have worked out. After we have revised the design with you we can start with the development.

Project draft

We will present you with the project draft that we have worked out. After we have revised the draft with you, we can start with the development.

Fix problem

Solutions are implemented and problems are fixed! Your website will be updated to the current technical standard and perfected!


With your approval and satisfaction we start the deployment. From now on your product is on the net, it’s done!


With your approval and satisfaction, we start the deployment. Your product is now online, it’s done!

WordPress Support & Update - Why should you update wordpress?

WordPress Support & Update – “Why should I update my website?” If your current website is not up to date and is technically and content outdated, it can lead to problems. Problems such as poor Google ranking, negative associations, lawsuit/reminder (if cookie settings are not correct), inquiries/customers/prospects and easier to be affected by cybercrime and hackers.

You should update your website to ...

Avoid security problems

Deficiencies in areas such as: Images, Updates, Content, Page Structure, Usability (UX), SEO ... can lead to security problems in the long run!

Bugs, viruses & programming errors

To avoid bugs, viruses, malware & programming errors, protect your and your website visitors' security!

Security risk

Deficiencies and bugs pose a security risk!

Pagespeed optimization

To increase the loading time (pagespeed) of your website.

SEO optimization

An SEO optimization of the website with the new Google algorithms! This in turn will increase your Google ranking!


In case of incompatibility of server PHP version and web page codes


WordPress Support - Our values as a wordpress agency

As a WordPress agency in Vienna, we put communication with our customers, responsibility, professionalism, and transparency first. We stand by our customers and listen to them, maintaining an open, reliable, and clear approach to each other. Our core values are always expertise, passion, and professionalism. Trust the specialist in WordPress support and IT support. SEO Vienna, WordPress Vienna & Web Design Vienna – We are happy to advise you free of charge as well as without obligation on all topics: SEO OnPage, SEO OffPage, Competition Analysis, WordPress Web Design, Web Design Vienna, WordPress Malware & Virus Removal, WordPress Website Performance, WordPress SEO, WordPress Hosting, WordPress Maintenance & Update Service & WordPress Plugin.

WordPress Support

WordPress web design references - Trust our expertise and experience!

Through our expertise and years of experience we are able to offer high quality and professional wordpress web design, web design Vienna & SEO Vienna, WordPress plugin and competent wordpress support! We bring our experience, passion and expertise to every single website. As a wordpress agency, we always care about the satisfaction of our customers through our extensive round-the-clock support and assist you with competence, commitment and professional know-how. Contact us for a free, no obligation initial consultation and let us do the work!

Our prices for WordPress support

Competent and personal wordpress support at fair, fixed and affordable prices! You should choose wordpress support if security, your ranking on search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo …) and a professional online presence is important to you. Leave your worries to us and let us take care of the entire work process for you. As a wordpress agency, we know exactly what professional wordpress support looks like, freshen up your website with our personal wordpress support and ensure a first-class and professional online presence. Rely on our expertise as a wordpress agency when it comes to wordpress, wordpress web design, wordpress support, IT support, web design Vienna & SEO Vienna.

IT Support



Care Website



Care Webshop
(up to 100 products)



* All prices exclude 20% VAT. Support for homepages not created by us according to effort. For plugin installations and setups the effort depends on the respective plugin, if the effort does not exceed two hours.

WordPress Support Packages

Important measures available in one click monthly – So you can professionally refresh your WordPress website monthly and prevent bugs, errors, and malware!

Our WordPress support packages include important basics to keep your WordPress website safe from hackers & always up-to-date. With Webhead’s comprehensive and professional support, you can make sure your website is perfectly optimized and top-notch secure, and more resistant to attacks, and also increase your website traffic.

You are one click away from monthly WordPress support.

From here on webhead takes over for you!













* All prices exclude 20% VAT. Support for homepages not created by us according to effort. For plugin installations and setups the effort depends on the respective plugin, if the effort does not exceed two hours.
What our customers say

WordPress is an open source content management system (CMS) on which you can develop, create and optimize websites. WordPress is a website operating system and the most popular CMS in the world. If you are interested in the topic of WordPress, you can read more about WordPress in our blog post “What is WordPress?”read

No! In that case we have an excellent offer for you! If you already have a website and just want to refresh it, we offer you a 40% discount! That means we will design you a new, optimized and modern website with the same content of your “outdated” website! Contact us for a free and no obligation initial consultation, we will be happy to answer your questions and advise you.

More about your web design and WordPress agency: web design Vienna, WordPress web design, WordPress plugin, WordPress support

Google Search Console is a free web service from Google that allows you to monitor and control the overall health and performance of your website in relation to Google search. With the help of Google Search Console you can improve your website and generate more traffic.

A wordpress plugin is an application that adds new features to your website or further extends the functionality of existing applications. A wordpress plugin is significant because it adds important functionality to the website, such as improving search engine optimization, load time optimization, adding important features and more!

More about our service “WordPress Plugin“.

Here are 7 of the most effective ways to get more traffic to your website:

  1. OnPage Search Engine Optimization (OnPage SEO).
  2. Off-Page Search Engine Optimization (OffPage SEO)
  3. Blogging / publishing blog posts
  4. Online advertisement
  5. Make website user friendly
  6. Post on social media regularly
  7. Good backlinks

More about search engine optimization: OnPage SEO, OffPage SEO, competitor analysis, SEO Vienna.

How much does a website cost? The cost of a website depends on your own wishes and the features you want! Our prices on the cost of a website are on our website. Pricing plans for different web design packages, SEO packages as well as our support packages can be found here. Contact us for a free and non-binding initial consultation, because we will be happy to advise you and make you an individual offer!

With a professional website, you have better accessibility, make a better impression and can present yourself and your brand in the best way online. A well-done website increases your chance to attract new customers and show your professionalism online. Take advantage of our expertise and experience as a professional WordPress agency in WordPress web design. We will make sure that the web design of your online presence is top-notch.

Do you have a question about WordPress web design, WordPress support, WordPress plugin, web design Vienna or need a comprehensive free consultation about WordPress support? Then contact us and take advantage of our no obligation and free initial consultation! We are at your disposal to answer all your questions! As a WordPress agency with years of experience, we are happy to assist you as a competent partner.

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