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Problems with your WordPress website? Does your website need an update, a bug fix, or emergency support? We’ll take over for you and refresh your website so that everything works smoothly and first-class again!

WordPress Support
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WordPress support & comprehensive WordPress maintenance service

Are there errors, deficits, and bugs on your website? Is your website outdated and slow? Don’t worry! As your professional WordPress agency in Vienna with years of experience, we’ll take over for you and refresh your website with our comprehensive and personalized WordPress support. With our WordPress support in Vienna (and all of Austria) and WordPress maintenance service, we optimize your website highly professionally at a fair and cost-effective price.

WordPress support from WordPress specialists - Refresh your website!

The easiest and fastest way to get comprehensive WordPress support in Vienna (assistance) is with Webhead. Because with us you get personal, competent, and expert WordPress support. We know exactly how difficult it is to find the right and suitable solution to your individual website problems. We personally analyze your website and look for deficits, errors, and security gaps. After a comprehensive analysis, we optimize your website and ensure that your website meets the technical standard. As a WordPress agency in Vienna, we specialize in supporting you in all areas of WordPress and offering you personal and comprehensive WordPress support in Vienna (and throughout Austria).

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WordPress Support, Maintenance & Update - Why should you update WordPress?

WordPress Support & Update Requirements – “What are the consequences of not updating my website?” If your current website is technically outdated and no longer up to date, both in terms of content and technology, this can lead to a series of problems!

For example, a lack of updates can lead to a poor Google ranking, which can affect your visibility and traffic. You can also create negative associations with your visitors, as an outdated site conveys an unprofessional image.
In addition, a website that is not updated may attract fewer inquiries, customers, or prospects. Finally, an outdated website increases the risk of becoming the target of cybercrime and hackers, which can cause data loss or damage. This is why WordPress support is so important. It helps to keep your website up-to-date and secure, preventing the problems mentioned above.

You can find out more about maintenance & performance and viruses on WordPress here:

WordPress maintenance & update service | WordPress malware & virus removal | WordPress performance

WordPress Support Discount - New look, professional design and the same website at the perfect price!

Do you already have a website that is unfortunately outdated and would like to have it updated to the current technical standard and optimized? Is your website on an old CMS system? You can no longer update your website and there are security gaps (bugs, layout, loading time, design …) on your website? We have a first-class offer with an excellent discount for you! At Webhead you get an excellent discount of 10% for your website refresh! New look, first-class design with the same content! You can find our fixed prices with detailed price plans on our website. Contact us for a free initial consultation (no obligation) and receive a fair, reasonable, and fixed quote.

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WordPress Support - why people forget about it?

Many website owners tend to neglect WordPress support because they focus mainly on design and content. They often overlook the fact that continuous WordPress support is essential to keep the website up-to-date, secure, and running smoothly. The importance of WordPress support is sometimes underestimated because technical details can seem complex or the focus is on visible aspects of the website. However, without regular use of WordPress support, problems can arise that could negatively affect both performance, such as speed (WordPress website performance) and security of the website.

WordPress Website Performance | WordPress Maintenance & Update Service | WordPress Malware & Virus Removal

What does our WordPress support service include?

The cornerstones of our WordPress support and maintenance service are maintenance, security, and care. By leaving your WordPress website to the specialists, you save yourself time and nerves. Not only now, but also in the future!! From WordPress updates, and regular backups to Malvare monitoring and optimizations – our WordPress support includes a number of elements that will bring your website up to the current technical standard, ensure, perfect, and optimize it. With our reliable WordPress support, we prevent security risks and ensure that your website functions frictionlessly and securely.

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WordPress support, WordPress maintenance & WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting and WordPress support are essential for a successful website. WordPress hosting provides your website with the essential infrastructure and the necessary resources. At the same time, WordPress support ensures constant updates and error-free functionality. Together, they enable an outstanding user experience by providing speed, security, and up-to-dateness. The lack of either WordPress hosting or WordPress support could lead to technical or security issues on your website that could affect the performance of your website.

Our WordPress hosting offers you a significant advantage as it is closely linked to our comprehensive WordPress support. It not only enables a robust and secure online presence but also guarantees constant technical support. This means that any updates, technical issues, or questions will be dealt with quickly and efficiently. With our WordPress hosting, you not only get a platform for your website but also ongoing support to ensure that your website is always frictionless and up to date.

Find out more here:

WordPress hosting | WordPress maintenance & update service | WordPress malware & virus removal

WordPress Support - what do you confuse the tasks of a WordPress support with?

In everyday life, WordPress Support is often confused with WordPress Hosting. While WordPress Hosting provides the infrastructure and platform for your website, WordPress Support is responsible for keeping your website up-to-date, secure, and error-free. WordPress support includes tasks such as updating themes and plugins, fixing technical issues, and optimizing website performance, so-called WordPress website performance. It’s important to understand that although WordPress hosting and WordPress support often go hand in hand, they play different but equally important roles in ensuring the smooth running of your WordPress website.

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WordPress support & WordPress consulting - Our WordPress services

Our WordPress support, WordPress performance, WordPress malware & virus removal, and WordPress maintenance & update service are closely linked. Support ensures regular updates and troubleshooting, which in turn increases the performance of the website. Optimized WordPress performance leads to faster loading times and improved user experience, while ongoing WordPress support helps to maintain and improve this optimal performance. With WordPress malware & virus removal, you can protect yourself and your WordPress website from viruses, bugs, and cybercriminals on the net and close all security gaps in the long term. With a WordPress maintenance & update service, you fix ALL defects and ensure that your website is ALWAYS up to date with the latest technology. All of these WordPress measures contribute to a first-class WordPress SEO!

WordPress Support Vienna - WordPress SEO Vienna

WordPress Support Vienna and WordPress SEO Vienna are closely linked. WordPress support helps with the technical maintenance and updating of the website, which in turn improves SEO performance. Good SEO is crucial for the visibility of a website in search engines, and ongoing WordPress support ensures that the website remains technically up to date-to ensure optimal SEO performance.

Our WordPress support plays a crucial role in your website, especially in terms of WordPress SEO. An effective SEO strategy increases the visibility of a website in search engines, which in turn leads to more visitors and potential customers. Our WordPress support ensures that all technical aspects that influence SEO, such as website structure, loading times, and updates, are always up to date. With this support, you can be sure that your website is always optimized to achieve the best possible WordPress SEO results for your WordPress website.

WordPress SEO | WordPress Hosting

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WordPress support, WordPress consulting and WP emergency help - what we offer


WordPress Updates

Secure update of WordPress, WordPress plugins, and WordPress templates without data loss and without problems! Immediate installation of security updates, a new landing page design and a restoration of the hacked WordPress site



We make sure that your website runs smoothly and securely. By cleaning malicious codes & viruses, testing and debugging WordPress sites (troubleshooting), and increasing the security of the WordPress website, security tests are carried out.

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Regular backups

Regular and continuous backups of the database and all files


Content optimization

We optimize the images, videos, audio and text on your website!


Load time optimization

We optimize the loading time of your website with our WordPress support.


Server settings

In the server settings we install and activate SSL, transfer your WordPress website securely to another host, if necessary, we carry out PHP updates or updates of hosting settings


Defective links

We check 404 links and redirect wrong links and fix broken links


Malware monitoring

We fix WordPress programming errors, clean the website from viruses and malware, scan host and database files and fix security bugs in Google Search Console

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Plugin problems

We fix your problems with plugins that cause deficits and problems; carry out an installation and configuration of various plugins or an installation of useful and necessary plugins


WordPress SEO optimization

You will receive an SEO analysis and a report including suggestions and solutions for a better ranking. We carry out technical SEO and solve internal problems on your website (SEO). We set up Google Console and Google Analytics for you.


Small bugs and errors

Let us do the work for you and fix the small, annoying errors and bugs for you!

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WordPress Support

Whatever you need WordPress help with, we're here for you! Just send us any task or problem you don't have time for and we will solve it for you!

WordPress Support & Update - Why should you update WordPress?

WordPress Support & Update – “Why should I update my website?” If your current website is not up to date and technically and content-wise outdated, it can lead to problems. Problems such as poor Google ranking, negative associations, lawsuits/reminders (if the cookie settings are not correct), inquiries/customers/interested parties and more easily affected by cybercrime and hackers!