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What is on-page SEO?

SEO On Page is a part of Search Engine Optimization. This means measures that can be carried out directlyon the website. A website must in terms of content and technically work properly to be easily accessible to search engines like Google. After SEO On Page Optimization, the website is easier to find because it offers relevant content and is technically optimized. Your SEO agency in Vienna takes care of all technical, content-related and structural aspects of your website. The goal is to achieve a good ranking, so that you can use your Website new customers can win and achieve a greater range. As your personal SEO consultant, Webhead takes care of all the details of your website while you take care of the day-to-day business. Search engine marketing is an important part of the marketing mix, so the website must primarily be in order.

Why is on page optimization so important?

Search engines like Google evaluate millions of websites every day. In this way, the search engine giant would like to provide searchers with results that are as relevant as possible. Conversely, as a company, you naturally want to be present with the relevant results when someone searches for the services. The Internet is a pull medium, meaning people search for information, products and services on the web. For this reason, we have to use search engine marketing to direct interested parties to the homepage. Every website should optimally meet user needs. The technology and performance of the site must ensure that the Google crawler records and indexes it. Here we also use WordPress SEO, because this is a proven and mature content management system. This makes search engine optimization transparent and comprehensible.

OnPage SEO Checklist - free, fast & without obligation

“How can I optimize my website OnPage myself?” Our SEO experts have compiled a free checklist for you. In the checklist is everything you need to optimize your website OnPage! With a free link collection of useful and usable links that you can use to test and check all possible aspects of your website. Enter your email address and receive your free SEO OnPage checklist within seconds.

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Is your content unique and offers added value?

With on-page optimization, we ensure more traffic from the search engines. It forms the basis of all further efforts to win new customers. What’s the use if many paths lead to your website, but the visitor doesn’t find anything interesting there? Content is the most important factor in SEO on the website. These should be unique and offer the user added value. Your SEO consultant will be happy to help you create the content on your website. This should be written primarily for the readers and not for the search engine. Search engines are now mature enough to recognize good content. Use the possibilities that customer ratings offer, because they also help with search engine optimization!

SEO On Page: Where Should Your Keywords Be Placed?

Cleverly placed keywords are important! Here there are numerous tools that can be used to optimize keywords. For example, you can track the SEO performance of your website with Google Analytics tracking. Our SEO agency Vienna analyzes your website with the most modern SEO tools. Thus, we offer a reliable SEO optimization, based on the most important key figures. Thus, we track the organic search traffic and the resulting conversions. A keyword density of one percent is more than sufficient today! What matters here is the strategic placement of the keywords in the text. Thus, the SEO consultant places the main keyword in the first 100 words. It is important to intersperse them in a natural way. With tact and a sophisticated keyword research we target the appropriate keyword. SEO optimization only succeeds when the keywords match the search intent. Contact our SEO consultants for more information – SEO Vienna & Web Design Vienna – we are happy to advise you free of charge and without obligation on all topics such as: SEO OffPage, competitor analysis, keyword research, technical SEO, WordPress web design, WordPress support & WordPress plugin.

What role does the meta description of the page play?

At first glance, the meta description does not play a major role in search engine optimization. However, to increase traffic via the results pages, it is very helpful. For the WordPress SEO there are plug-ins to influence the meta description. With this, the SEO consultant creates a snippet. This describes in short sentences, which content is the desired search term. Already here the interest of the user can be won to animate him to a call-to-action. For this, the main keyword must be included as well as in the content. Consequently, this short description has a great effect on search engine marketing. With the SEO On Page Package – SEO Vienna & Webdesign Vienna (WordPress Webdesign)- of your SEO Agency Vienna we take care of all aspects of your SEO optimization, no matter if SEO OnPage, SEO OffPage, WordPress SEO, keyword research, competitor analysis or technical SEO!

How images help to place the website better

Do you have pictures on your website? Are these yours? Images and videos break up the content of a homepage. Provided with your keywords in the alt tag, they improve ranking and appear in image search on Google. With WordPress SEO, we make sure that your images are correctly embedded in the page. It is better not to use stock photos and to use your own photos. The size of the images must not slow down the loading speed of the website, as this is an important criterion in search engine marketing. A website must open quickly, even with videos and images. With SEO On Page, not only SEO optimization is important for Google. YouTube is now the third largest search engine in the world. With optimized videos on the website, you gain a edge over the competition.

Do you use a content management system?

SEO On Page includes a high-performance CMS. WordPress has established itself here for most needs, as it is easily expandable and scalable. Our SEO agency offers a comprehensive service for everything to do with WordPress SEO. You can achieve a lot with this if you are striving for the top spots on Google and Co.!

SEO Prices

With the help of our SEO OnPage Optimization you can improve your ranking in the long term and ensure more traffic. Thanks to our many years of experience, we take over your OnPage SEO optimization and ensure a perfect website. Trust in our competence and transparency and use our free consultation for an individual offer – we will be happy to advise you!





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As SEO Agency Vienna we are happy to take care of all aspects of your website and all your web design Vienna & SEO Vienna -requirements! When it comes to search engine marketing, we not only handle your OnPage SEO optimization, but also your OffPage SEO optimization, competitor analysis, keyword research, as well as your technical SEO & WordPress SEO. Through our services in web design Vienna like WordPress web design, WordPress support and WordPress plugin we support you in all aspects in web design. As an experienced and competent partner we are at your disposal.

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For SEO consulting and SEO analysis, our SEO consultants use state-of-the-art and professional SEO tools and carry out a professional SEO analysis for you. Within days you will receive a report including your SEO analysis.

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The cost of a website depends largely on your requirements and wishes. A website costs 990 Euro at webhead. Since transparency is important to us, all our prices are also available online. Do you want your website to include special plugins and features? How many pages or subpages do you want? With the best price-performance ratio and competent designers and developers we offer you a first-class service at the best prices!

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Whether you need search engine optimization or not, the decision is entirely up to you. This decision depends on your personal priorities. Namely, is your Google ranking, overall web presence, traffic and online reach important to you? Do you want to be found quickly on the internet and reach more customers online? Then you need SEO, because you can achieve all this with the help of SEO! To be findable in search engines (Google, Bing, etc.), you should definitely perform SEO optimization!

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Search engine optimization SEO includes OnPage optimization, SEO OffPage optimization and technical SEO. Through search engine optimization you can make your website more user-friendly and rank better on search engines.

OnPage optimization deals with the measures that can be implemented directly on the website to optimize it. These measures include, among others, the Data Protection Act, the optimization of page speed, the inclusion of keywords and the optimization of videos and images. The SEO OffPage optimization includes all the measures that are made outside the website (external). That is, everything that affects the website from the outside. The SEO OffPage optimization is mainly aimed at building backlinks, link building, linking and a concrete backlink strategy.

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