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Our goal is to increase the reach of your company and to win potential customers in a targeted manner. Online marketing can be compared to a classic advertising campaign, which is however adapted to the specifics of the online world. A successful online presence consists of an impressive website, regularly maintained social media channels and other marketing strategies. At Webhead we offer all these services individually or take care of the entire online marketing of our clients. Through professional web and graphic design, as well as strategic search engine optimization, we bring your website to life.

We use social media channels in a targeted way to increase the awareness and popularity of companies and to attract the attention of potential new customers. A wide reach only contributes little to actual sales if the appropriate target group is not reached. Accordingly, we work with various marketing tools, such as Google Analytics and various ads, to identify the appropriate target group and match our marketing strategies with their requirements. In order to achieve this, some analyses have to be carried out. For newly set up projects, the main focus is on search volume, user intention and competitive analysis. If existing web presences are to be revised, it is crucial to determine which features are well received by customers and which need to be improved.

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In order to be able to work out a successful web presence, some questions must be answered. Which services would you like to take advantage of? Which target group is supposed to be reached by our online marketing? How should my company be marketed? In an initial consultation, we will work out all your wishes, ideas and plans together and create a rough concept of how the online marketing of your company could look like. We will be happy to advise you on various marketing strategies and other necessary steps. With your cooperation we will plan the further processes and start with the implementation of your online presence. In order to be able to represent you authentically, it is important that our team becomes familiar with the work of your company and gets a clear picture of its values and services. Through regular updates and constant maintenance from our team of experts, your online presence will always be “up to date”.

To get more information about the individual parts of online marketing, feel free to browse through our website! We are at your disposal for any further questions.

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