Is SEO useful?

In this small blog you will learn more about SEO optimization, more precisely you will learn more about the importance of SEO and why/if it is useful. If you want to learn about all elements of SEO in one overview, check out our SEO training!

Is SEO useful?

“Is SEO useful?”: SEO makes sense and is important! SEO (Search Engine Optimization=SEO) consists of measures that are necessary to rank on Google in the first place. These measures help with the visibility and web presence of their website! The presence, the web presence and the visibility of a website is important for searchers. Many searchers click on the first result on Google!

Why is SEO important?

The reasons why SEO is important: SEO measures contribute to an improvement in search engine ranking (Google, Bing, Yahoo …). With an optimized website you have better visibility, better web presence, more web presence and reach many more searchers through search engines. By ranking better with SEO, one can improve accessibility and connect more easily with potential customers, visitors and with the target audience. Through a good SEO, one can also be recognized internationally. A perfect SEO also contributes to the usability of a website. This in turn leads to a professional online presence and a highly professional first impression.

What is OnPage SEO?

What is OnPage SEO? OnPage SEO means the optimization of the Content, Technology and structure of your website. The most important building blocks of OnPage SEO include: Domain name, Page title, Keywords, Meta Description (Metadata), Meta tags, Header tags (Headings), an encrypted HTTPS and much more. These elements of OnPage SEO contribute to the optimization and visibility of the website and lead to a better ranking on search engines.

In a nutshell: SEO is important and extremely useful! There are many reasons why you should do SEO optimization and why SEO is useful. And an excellent SEO optimization plays a big role in the web presence, web presence and in the ranking of a website. Nowadays, the website is considered as an online business card and also the first impression of searchers and your potential customers. Being on the first page of a search engine (on Google, Bing …) makes a big difference. And you can do that with an optimal SEO.

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