Making money on the Internet: A modern gold rush?

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Digitization has revolutionized the world of work in recent decades. One of the most remarkable developments is the possibility of earning money on the Internet. But how easy is it really? We will take a closer look at this topic.

The myth of online wealth: how realistic is it?

The internet has fundamentally changed the way we live, work, and do business. With the advent of platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Amazon, and countless others, the promise has spread that anyone with a good idea and an Internet connection can make a fortune online. Although claims are made that some individuals have made considerable amounts of money, the myth of quick Internet success seems almost inappropriate. It is worth taking a closer look at the issue.

Nevertheless, we try our luck and these are your To Do's to online income

Earn money on the Internet – the following points should be noted:


  • Identify strengths: Everyone has something they are particularly good at. Identify what your strengths are.
  • Find Passions: Working on what you love will help you persevere in difficult times.

Market Research:

  • Discover niches: Not every market is saturated. Find areas where there is a need but little supply.
  • Target audience analysis: understand who your potential customers are, what they want, and how best to reach them.

Continuous Education:

  • Online Courses & Webinars: Take advantage of the rich array of online resources to keep learning.
  • Stay current: The digital world is constantly changing. Be prepared to adapt and always stay up to date.


  • Find a mentor: Someone who is already where you want to be can offer valuable insight and advice.
  • Join groups and forums: There are many online communities where you can meet like-minded people, share experiences, and learn.
  • Collaborations: Consider how you can collaborate with others to create synergies and grow together.

Create an action plan:

  • Time management: prioritize and plan your time efficiently to get the most out of your day.
  • Set milestones: Break your goals down into smaller, achievable steps and celebrate each milestone achieved.

Get feedback:

  • Beta testers: let real users test your product or service to get valuable feedback.
  • Ratings and Reviews: Use customer reviews to identify areas of improvement and continually get better.

With this master plan, you’ll be well equipped to make your dream of making money online a reality. There will be ups and downs, but with determination and a solid plan you can find your way to success.

Stumbling blocks on the web: Where online entrepreneurs often stumble

One of the biggest fallacies that aspiring online entrepreneurs often succumb to is the notion that the digital universe is a quick path to riches. It’s not only important to start a platform or business, but also to continuously maintain, adapt, and improve it to create a steady and sustainable income stream. Here are other aspects you should consider:

  • Fast Wealth: A common fallacy is the assumption that online business is a fast path to wealth.
  • Giving up too soon: This misconception often causes budding entrepreneurs to give up too soon if they don’t see immediate results.
  • Time requirements: The reality is that building a successful online presence takes time.
  • Perseverance: In addition to time, you also need perseverance and patience.
  • Continuous maintenance: It is not enough to just start. It is essential to constantly maintain the business or platform.
  • Adaptability: The digital landscape is constantly changing, so flexibility and a willingness to adapt are critical.
  • Consistent improvement: To be successful in the long term, you need to consistently work on optimizations and improvements.
  • Sustainable Income Stream: The end goal is often a consistent and sustainable income stream, but one that is achieved only after sustained effort and adaptation.

From hobby blogger to small business owner: What you should know

In Austria, it is especially important to know the legal framework and tax obligations of a budding online entrepreneur. If you generate regular revenue with your blog or any other online platform, you may have tax obligations, even if it was originally just a hobby.

  • Small business regulation in Austria: In Austria, entrepreneurs whose turnover in the previous calendar year did not exceed 35,000 euros and is not expected to exceed 35,000 euros in the current calendar year can take advantage of the small business regulation. This means that they do not have to pay sales tax, but they also cannot claim input tax.
  • Commercial activity vs. Liebhaberei: In Austria, the difference between commercial activity and Liebhaberei is crucial. If your activity is classified as Liebhaberei, the income is tax-free. However, an activity that generates profit over time is usually considered commercial.
  • Necessary filings: Even if you take advantage of the small business rule, you must register a business and report to the tax office to fulfill your tax obligations. It is also advisable to check your membership with the Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKO), as this is often mandatory.
  • Accounting and tax return: Even small entrepreneurs in Austria are required to keep proper accounts and file an annual income tax return. It is worthwhile to consult a tax advisor for this purpose to ensure that all regulations are met.

For anyone who wants to move up from a hobby blogger to a small business owner in Austria, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the legal and tax requirements early on and take the necessary steps.

Flexible freedom: earn money from anywhere in the world

The digital age and making money online have not only changed the way we work but also how we think about work and freedom. Imagine sitting in a café in Vienna while your online business is in full swing, or posting from a beach in Bali and watching the revenue flow. This flexibility has a profound effect on our psychological perception of work, freedom, and success.

  • Self-Perception & Self-Esteem: The ability to make money online, regardless of location, can strengthen feelings of independence and self-determination. It is no longer measured by the traditional 9-to-5 workday, but by one’s own success and individually set goals.
  • Work-life balance: working from different locations around the world can help create a better work-life balance. As work and leisure become more fluid, boundaries can be redefined, which can lead to a more fulfilling sense of life.
  • Constant adaptability: the dynamic nature of making money online requires one to remain mentally flexible and adaptable. This can lead to growth in personal resilience and improved coping with uncertainty.
  • Loneliness and isolation: on the other hand, making money online while constantly on the go or working alone from home can lead to feelings of isolation. It is important to be aware of this and proactively maintain social contacts to maintain a healthy psychological balance.

In conclusion, making money online is not only a financial opportunity, but also a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. It offers the opportunity to redefine traditional work norms and find an individual path to happiness and success.

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Online millionaire or side income: What can you really expect?

There are people who have made a fortune on the Internet. However, this is not the rule, but the exception. It takes hard work, determination, and often many years of building up before you can make any significant income. A realistic approach is to view the online business as a side income and grow over time.

  • Exceptions instead of rules: For every person who gets rich from viral videos or a best-selling blog, there are thousands who make little or no income. Stories of tremendous success are the exception rather than the rule.
  • Time and effort required: building a successful online business often takes years of preparation, learning, and experimentation. Even those who seem to be successful “overnight” have usually spent years working in the background.
  • Constant change: The digital environment is constantly changing. What works today could be obsolete tomorrow. This requires online entrepreneurs to constantly adapt and educate themselves.
  • Competition: the Internet has lowered the barriers to entry, which means it’s easier to get started, but there’s also a lot more competition. In almost every niche, there are thousands, if not millions, of competitors.
  • Hidden costs: while starting a blog or YouTube channel may cost little or nothing, there are often hidden costs that come with trying to scale an online business – whether it’s through advertising, buying equipment or software, or using outside services.
  • Dependence on platforms: Many online entrepreneurs are dependent on platforms such as Google, Facebook, or Amazon. Changes in their algorithms or business practices can have a significant impact on income.
  • The role of luck: Even with hard work and a great idea, luck plays a role. Sometimes a viral video or blog post shared by an influencer can make all the difference.


Making money on the Internet is an exciting way to earn extra income. With the right strategy, patience, and hard work, it can become a rewarding career. But as with everything in life, there are no guarantees – only opportunities to be seized.

In summary, achieving online wealth is entirely possible, but not guaranteed. As with any endeavor, there are risks and uncertainties. It requires expertise, hard work, patience, and often a good dose of luck. Anyone who believes the myth of getting rich quickly online should be cautious and aware that there is often much more behind the scenes than meets the eye.

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