Mit Produktmarketing eine größere Zielgruppe erreichen

Reach a larger target group with product marketing

How you too can reach a larger target group with effective product marketing!

You can reach a larger target group with product marketing – how exactly can you use it effectively? Here you will find tips and the best strategies to successfully market your product and reach a larger target group that is looking for you.

What is product marketing?

Whether you are starting a new business or have been established in your specific industry for years, the right product marketing plays a crucial role in your success – including online, of course. Product marketing is a marketing strategy where you position your product effectively through targeted product marketing and convey a targeted message, you can significantly increase your reach. When marketing your product, you should emphasize the benefits of your product, blend your brand here and meet the needs of your potential customers. Here it is helpful to think: “How do my customers think?” “What are they looking for?” “What appeals to them?”

What is a target group?

To reach your target group effectively, you must first analyze it. A thorough target group analysis is extremely important, here you should understand and analyze the needs, interests, and behaviors of your potential customers.

Target group analysis 101: How do you start?

  1. Start with the demographics of your target audience: what age, gender, income, and geographic location
  2. Then analyze their behaviors and interests: Which websites do they visit? Which social media do they use? What products or services do they already buy?

Market research and product marketing go hand in hand

Market research is an essential part of successful product marketing. It helps you better understand the market, your competitors, and your target group. Through market research, you can identify trends, analyze the demand for certain products or services, and find out what your target group expects from your product. With this information, you can make targeted adjustments to your product marketing and optimize your marketing strategy.

How do you do market research?

In various ways, such as surveys, focus groups, competitor analysis, and data analysis. The more information you have about your sector, the better you can adapt your marketing strategy to target a wider audience.

Product marketing & your message

How do you want to address your customers?

A convincing product message is crucial to appeal to your target group and convince them of you, your brand, and your product. You need to formulate your message in a clear, concise, and appealing way.

Ask yourself before you start product marketing:

  1. What are the unique features and benefits of your product? Communicate these in a way that appeals to your potential customers. Use clear and compelling language to convey
  2. Don’t forget storytelling! Tell a story that appeals to potential customers and touches them emotionally. Show what and who you are, what values your company has and what is important to your company. Show how your product can improve your customers’ lives and what added value it offers.
  3. The why is important! Why should the customer choose you? Show your reasons through your website, your appearance, your performance, customer satisfaction, and your features.

Choosing the right marketing channels

How many marketing channels are there? The choice is huge and the choice is crucial! Choosing the right marketing channels is crucial to reaching your target group. There are a variety of channels you can use, such as search engine marketing, social media, email marketing, influencer marketing, and much more.

You must understand your target audience and their behaviors to choose the right channels. For example, if your target audience mainly uses social media, you should focus your marketing efforts on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. A law firm is unlikely to be found on a Discord server, but an influencer, on the other hand, could gain many benefits and a better online presence from marketing on Discord.

You should also consider the different stages of the buying process. Which channels are best suited to bring potential customers into the awareness phase? Which channels are effective for convincing customers in the decision phase?

Definition Awareness phase: This is where you make your customers aware of a specific topic.


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