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Zombie pages-hidden hurdles for effective SEO ranking

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Zombie pages - the lesser evil

On a website, “zombie pages” are often present and have minimal or no traffic. Despite their apparent unimportance, they play a crucial role in the context of SEO Vienna.

Zombie page - does it affect me?

To maintain the health of your website, it is crucial to monitor its analytics and identify problematic pages continuously. Zombie pages can have a significant impact on a website’s SEO Vienna ranking. An excess of such pages can affect a website’s SEO Vienna ranking, as Google’s algorithm interprets a high bounce rate or low dwell time as a sign of a lack of relevance or usefulness. Detecting and updating zombie pages is essential in optimizing search engine rankings. Continuous maintenance and optimization of your website will ultimately lead to increased online awareness.

What is the connection between the zombie pages and the SEO effect?

Zombie pages pose a major challenge in search engine optimization in Vienna. The performance of a website that generates little traffic can negatively impact search engine rankings.

Since zombie pages often do not contain the relevant information that users are looking for when using Google or other search engines, they are overlooked by these search engines. Insufficient attention results in a website appearing less in search engines overall.

The unindexed zombie pages pose a serious problem for both the website owner and Google. Often these pages are technically flawed, load slowly, or provide a poor user experience, which can cause visitors to leave the site early and website traffic to decrease.

However, despite their low activity and lack of user interaction, zombie pages are indexed by search engines and listed in search results. These indexed zombie pages may catch the eye of search engine crawlers, but they fail to attract actual visitors, which can lead to frustration among users looking for up-to-date and relevant information.

The existence of zombie pages on a website can affect the performance and SEO Vienna of a website. It is therefore crucial to identify and remove such pages to avoid further damage and minimize the loss of traffic and potential customers.

Different types of zombie sites - how do I recognize them?

  1. Non-mobile optimized pages:
    These are pages that perform poorly on mobile devices and thus hurt rankings. Optimization for mobile devices is essential.
  1. Pages with low-quality content:
    Pages with less than 300 words or outdated content are considered zombie pages and hurt search engine optimization Vienna. Improving the quality of content is crucial.
  1. SEO-unfriendly pages:
    These pages are not optimized for search engines, which can affect their ranking. A balance between good content and SEO Vienna is necessary.
  1. Orphaned and attachment pages:
    The pages that can no longer be used are not visible to people and search engines. The attachment contains important information and contributes to the legitimacy of a website. The visibility of these pages is important.
  1. Indexed 404 pages:
    These are inactive pages that are still displayed in search results. Deleting or redirecting these pages can help improve the user experience

Assistance from a professional WordPress agency like WordPress Support Agency Vienna can be helpful in identifying and fixing these zombie pages on a WordPress website. For further interest in our WordPress support services: https://webhead.at/en/support-prices

"How To " Acquire knowledge and apply it yourself

  1. Analyze the GSC Performance Report:
    Open Google Search Console and go to “Performance.” Click on “+”, then on “Page”. Analyze the performance data of the different pages. Identify pages with low performance – these could be zombie pages.
  1. Check the GSC indexing:
    In Google Search Console, you can view the “Indexation” report. Find pages marked as “Duplicate without user-selected canonical version”, “Crawled – currently not indexed” and “Discovered – currently not indexed”. Such pages could turn out to be zombie pages.
  1. Run a manual search:
    Enter “site:yourdomainname” (for example site:webhead.at) into Google. Check all the pages of your website that are listed in the results. Identify outdated, not optimized, or otherwise irrelevant pages.

Zombie page - homemade!

  • Content optimization: use more useful information to optimize your pages and organize keywords wisely. A keyword research is essential here!
  • Improve user experience and load times: Make sure your pages are user-friendly and load quickly. Our WordPress Performance service is ideal for this task!
  • Add Links: Make sure you have both internal and external links to your pages! Using webhead’s hour packages – made easy for you!
  • Design improvement: review the design of your pages to make them more appealing and user-friendly. Want to renew your web design, then you are perfect with us: Web design – website redesign!
  • Social media promotion: social media will help spread the word about your pages

It is important to emphasize that SEO Vienna is not just about generating more pages, but about quality pages that deliver value.


Zombie pages are a challenge for search engine optimization in Vienna, but can be effectively addressed and improved, especially with professional support from SEO and WordPress agency Vienna. These inactive or low-quality pages can negatively impact a website’s SEO ranking by taking up “dead space” and distracting traffic from valuable content.

There are several methods for identifying zombie pages, including using Google Search Console reports and manual searches. Optimization includes creating quality content, improving user experience and load times, adding links, and improving design. Often it is even beneficial to delete zombie pages completely to improve the overall SEO of Vienna.

However, this process can be complex and requires both technical know-how and knowledge of SEO Vienna. For this reason, professional help from experienced WordPress and SEO Vienna experts is recommended. A good WordPress support will enable website owners to not only keep their website free of zombie pages but also optimize it optimally for search engines and users. Effective handling of zombie pages has a positive impact on website health and search engine results.

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