What is SEO and what all belongs to SEO?

Let’s say you want to buy a washing machine. Like most people, you want to get information online in advance and then of course search for washing machines on the Internet. If you have a business and sell washing machines, then being in the top 10 for keyword “buy washing machine” is of course relevant for sales. After all, most people click on the first 5 links that appear on the first page of Google search. In this article, we would like to briefly show you what you can do to stand high in the keywords of your industry with your company’s website.

What is SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is about optimizing your website and its content so that you are on the first page of Google for the relevant search terms in your industry (keywords). This is not about placing ads and being at the top for a certain keyword. No, it is about being displayed on the first page naturally and for quality reasons.

What all counts as SEO?

Of course, the algorithm that Google uses to rank a website in a search engine is a well-kept secret. However, there are about 200 ranking factors known to every SEO agency that can influence reach in search engines. Roughly, these ranking factors are divided into two sub-areas of SEO that can be worked on to increase the visibility of the website in search engines.

                    1. OnPage optimization

OnPage optimization is about concrete improvements to the technology of the website, which can lead to a better ranking. A very important part here is the page loading speed of the website. More than 60% of search queries are now made from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Thus, of course, it is precisely those websites that load quickly and can be operated well via mobile devices that are at the forefront. In addition, data protection also plays a role, of course. Websites that respect data privacy are given preference in the Google search. Finally, the content of the website must be so appealing to visitors that they like to stay on it for a long time. For this purpose, it can sometimes be useful to hire a web design agency to make the website appealing and user-friendly.

                    2. OffPage optimization

The second part of SEO optimization is concerned with increasing the visibility of the website externally. One of the central tasks here is to increase the links from other websites or social networks to the company’s own website. On the one hand, you can build up a large community on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram or Facebook, for example, where contributions to the website can be shared and discussed. On the other hand, one can also increase the links from other websites to one’s own website through a concrete backlink strategy, such as writing guest articles. Of course, the more high-quality backlinks a website has and the more it is discussed in social networks, the better it will rank in search engines.

How do I write a good SEO text?

It’s important to first understand what you’re writing content for. First of all, you write articles for real people who want to read them. However, in order for the posts to be found on Google, you have to follow certain SEO guidelines. Thus, a good SEO text is good for people as well as for search engines. As an SEO agency from Vienna, we have already written numerous SEO texts, so we can gladly offer a short step-by-step guide for a good SEO text.

                    1. Keyword Analyse

First of all, an SEO text can only rank well if it serves topics and search terms that are frequently searched for. For this purpose, a keyword analysis is usually carried out to see how often certain search terms are searched for in one’s own industry. For a company that sells washing machines, for example, it would be important here to write an SEO text on the topic of “Buying washing machines – here’s what you need to look out for!”. Here you can already see from the title what is important, you build in the keyword “Buy washing machines” for the search engines. The second part – “Here’s what you need to look out for!” is built in for people, because you really want to offer added value with the text.

                    2. Good outline and headings

A good SEO text is sensibly organized and structured, with headlines that captivate the reader. For example, you can enter “buy washing machines” into Google. One gets then at the bottom of other suggestions displayed, which people are looking for. For example, you can include a headline about washing machines test winner, if you know something interesting to report. The structure of an SEO text should be logical and profitable for the reader and contain really relevant advising elements.

                    3. Minimum 600 words

There was a time when you could get to number 1 in Google with 300-word SEO texts. However, these times are long gone. Of course, you should not artificially drag out an article. However, anyone who has ever written a really good article with relevant information will quickly realize that this is also difficult under 600 words. Likewise, longer articles are generally found better in the long tail, i.e. with a large number of small search queries and various word combinations.

                    4. Keyword Density

If you write an article about “buying washing machines”, then this keyword should also appear in the title, in the meta description and in the text. However, a text that only contains the keyword “buy washing machines” would not be good, because here you have a keyword density of 100%. In our experience, texts in which the keyword density of the main keyword is between 2 and 4 % are optimal.

                    5. Outgoing and incoming links

Finally, it is always good to refer to other relevant articles in the text, for example, and to link other relevant articles, for example on the topic of “washing machine accessories” in the text. According to our knowledge, a good SEO text should contain between one to three external links to another site and two to seven internal links to your own website.

                    6. Linguistically well formulated

Many copywriters try to incorporate the keyword again and again, whereby the reading flow can suffer extremely. Likewise, one should pay attention to a good expression and an appropriate spelling. There are various tools on the Internet, such as the LanguageTool, with which you can check your texts in terms of expression and spelling, which we can personally highly recommend.

Can you learn SEO?

Can you learn SEO? Search engine optimization is not witchcraft. Every person who wants to can learn how to improve visibility in search engines. However, especially in the beginning it is important to have a plan, because even with a good SEO strategy it takes about four to eight months until measurable successes have occurred.

In this blog post we have answered the question “What is SEO”. As an SEO agency and web design agency, we are especially happy to help regional companies in SEO Vienna and surrounding areas. We answer your questions (“What is SEO”), advise you on request to improve onpage and offpage optimization, keyword research, web design SEO Vienna and the creation of SEO texts, so that your website is also found as soon as possible in Google in the top 5 in your relevant keywords. If you are interested in SEO consulting, please contact us. We are looking forward to your request! You can also benefit now from our free and non-binding SEO analysis and SEO consulting.

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