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Nowadays, if you want to have a website created, you have a wide range of options . But why should you actually have a website created and, above all, by whom ? What are the advantages of a web design agency or should you choose a freelancer? In this concise guide, we answer all questions and provide further suggestions on how best to proceed. Enjoy reading!

Who can make me a website?

In principle, anyone could create their own website, but this is anything but easy, especially for beginners on the PC. Even if you’ve been at a computer all your life, you might have trouble setting up a professional -looking website. It’s basically the same as with everything else in life: practice makes perfect. For this reason, you should either hire a freelancer or an entire web design agency. So you not only get a neat and, above all, professionally created website, you also learn something new. Serious companies or freelancers are transparent and explain exactly how and why they do or program something.

Web design agency vs. freelancer

This is a bit like choosing a lawyer in a legal matter. Either you decide on the sole lawyer or you book a whole law firm full of lawyers. In such a case, who would do the better job? That depends entirely on the extent (or size) of the project. It also depends on the skills of this one freelancer and how well and quickly he works or the skills of a chosen agency. Whatever you decide in the end: You should have some work samples shown to you and convince yourself of your skills before prematurely awarding large projects.


In most cases, a good web design agency has already hired an experienced web designer or (in most cases) it is even a whole team of people who are very familiar with the subject. Otherwise it wouldn’t be a particularly good agency. Thus, larger work steps be completed faster . Coming back to the comparison with regard to the selection of a lawyer: If, for example (for better understanding) a court case involves a lot of work and several thousand files have to be trawled through, then it is impossible for one person to do it alone.

Should I choose a freelancer?

It all depends on what position you are in. Sometimes a freelancer can handle the work of an entire agency and everything runs like clockwork. A web design agency itself could even benefit from outsourcing if it hires a freelancer. If all the regular staff are overloaded or on vacation, an outsider can very well bring a breath of fresh air. In addition, someone who, for example, has not dealt with a problem for years , like all members of an agency , may look at it from a completely different perspective than the team plagued by tunnel vision and be able to provide innovative solutions.


But if you are an end user looking for a good web designer, you could test the freelancer for the time being before placing a large order.


It can be a disadvantage for freelancers that they may only answer very late or are difficult to reach by phone and it can even fail due to poor communication. Since the freelancer has to do everything himself, there may be weaknesses somewhere or he is not able to cope with a very large project due to a slow working method. The search for the right freelancer can usually take longer than you think. It’s a matter of luck finding the right, good freelancer who will get most jobs done quickly, to the icing on the cake, and respond in a timely manner.

Advantages of choosing a web design agency

There are actually no negative aspects here, because a web design agency usually consists of more than a single designer. At a web design agency, the tasks are always assigned to the best in the respective field. For example, in a good agency, the support always reacts quickly, friendly and is very precise . So it works a bit like a well-oiled clockwork and each employee represents, so to speak, one of the perfectly designed gears. The best programmer, who has proven to be the most capable out of several applicants, designs the best codes, the same applies to the designer, etc.


Because of this, each project passes through many hands and this is as beneficial as it sounds. A web design agency does not necessarily have to do better work than a freelancer, but very good freelancers are usually fully booked and since several professionals work in a web design agency, the work is often done more quickly than one freelancer could realistically ever do alone.


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