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When creating a website – especially a homepage – you usually come across the same questions. What exactly is web design, what is involved in web design and how do I become a web designer? You can find the answers to these questions in this blog about web design and website design, explained simply and quickly!

What exactly is website design?

Definition of web design: “Web design (also web creation), as a discipline of media design, includes the visual, functional and structural design of websites for the Internet.”

What does web design mean in more detail? Web design is what makes up the overall look and feel, i.e. the atmosphere, mood and structure of a website. From the creation of the website, the structure, the layout, the planning and down to the images, colors and fonts (typography)-these are all elements of web design. That which makes up the branding and usability of a website also belongs to web design.

What belongs to web design?

The first thing your website visitors see is the design (web design) and this is crucial! The web design consists of numerous components, which in turn have an impact on the final result of the website. These components of web design include graphic design, user experience design (UX design), user interface design (UI design), search engine optimization (SEO), web apps, mobile apps, usability, accessibility and content creation.

To help you understand the most important components of a website (in terms of web design) and better understand the design process, here is a list of essential parts (web design) of a website: Essential parts of a website (web design)

How to become a web designer?

From web design trainings to studies: There are many ways how to become a web designer. There are universities and universities of applied sciences (UASs) that offer courses such as multimedia design, web design, digital media or media informatics. These ultimately lead to the profession of web designer or the world of web design. It is important to know that the job title of web designer is not protected. This means that you can call yourself a web designer as soon as you can design and create websites.

Web design/web design studies *Overview*


What exactly is web design? Taken from the “Web Design Handbook“, components such as “planning, layout, content, structure, design, typography, color theory, CSS, multimedia, logo, accessibility and accessibility, forms and updating” are part of web design. If you are interested in a homepage design, or want to create a website, it is beneficial to have knowledge of these elements of web design.

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