Have website created – at a glance

Have website created – at a glance

Nowadays, your online presence is your business card! With a highly professional website you can show your professionalism on the web, make an excellent first impression and also present your brand and company to your potential customers in the best possible way.
Do you want to have your own website created and want to learn more about WordPress? In our blog “What is WordPress” have summarized the most important things about WordPress for you.
What is important when you want to have a website created?
Have website created: briefly listed
     1.Choose the right domain Make the right decision when choosing a domain! Because your domain is the address of your website and how users will also remember your website.
     2.Website-Layout How many pages should your website have? The majority of websites have a home page, about us page, a contact us page, privacy policy and imprint (and 404 page). Now here you need to think about what pages you want to have on your website. Optional ones are for example: Services page: Describe your services/services Products page: overview of the products you offer Projects page: offer information by publishing and listing already successfully managed projects FAQ page: a page with frequently asked questions Blog page: topic-related contributions (blog posts) Inquiry: inquiry customized for visitors (possibly as a pop-up) Testimonials/Reviews: Publication of testimonials, opinions and/or reviews
     3.Composition And Layout Composition is a visual building block for web design and when creating your own website. Elements such as typography, UI and UX design, determining a consistent color scheme, providing the basics of a layout, etc. create visual clues for website visitors and are of great importance.
     4.Features Do you want to have additional features on your website, possibly additional plug-ins, if so how many? Do these plug-ins need to be written and coded? Finding the right plug-in is usually a long process.
     5.Technical (Back-End) To the technical area of a website belong very many elements, among others e.g. security, privacy, HTML, CSS, hosting, dynamic content with PHP, … A strong back-end prevents coding errors, bugs and hackers. The technical implementation of a website is very important when creating a website.
     6.Usability The website should be best optimized for the latest versions of the most popular browsers (Google, Bing, …).
     7.Content/content What you include as content on your website is entirely up to you. It should ideally be relevant, SEO optimized and appropriate. There are three points that we believe are most important for successful websites: Design, Security and Content.
8.Optional: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Have website created and also be found on search engines: With the help of a targeted search engine optimization (SEO) you can greatly improve your ranking and be found more easily on search engines (Google, Bing, …).
Have website created: Cost
Have website created- what does it cost? Since transparency is our top priority, our prices are available online on our website! In general, when having a website created, the costs are also highly dependent on the requirements, wishes and features.
Have website created: the way to your own website!
Have your website created by webhead: We plan your project in detail and implement it conscientiously and are always at your disposal. Our reference projects will convince you! The following is an overview of our work process for creating a website.

Initial interview; conception phase

After contacting you, your goals, wishes and ideas are defined in a personal initial meeting. After an extensive conception phase we start with the project launch.

Project start

We present you the first live version of your website! Here possibly a revision or elaboration of the personal content (fine work) happens after discussion.


We present you the first live version of your website! Here possibly a revision or elaboration of the personal content (fine work) happens after discussion.


With your satisfaction we start the deployment! Now your project is on the net!

Well, now you know more about having a website created, the steps, the costs and the work process. If you want to know more and don’t know where to start, we are at your disposal!
You already have a website and want to know what the SEO state of your website is? You can now book a free and non-binding SEO analysis on our website (free, non-binding and all online!) and receive a free report with your very own personal SEO analysis incl. SEO consulting within days!

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